Shoebat: Muslim Brotherhood now the Most Powerful Army in NATO After Coup

The Muslim Brotherhood re-emerged via another coup d’état dubbed as The Palace Coup. This one was orchestrated by Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey who is reviving the same style Muslim Brotherhood constitution through his referendum of Turkey’s constitution.

The sleepy western analysts like the New York Times describe what just happened in Turkey in western style imagery as “Erdogan’s autocratic style” takeover. Erdogan, they say, became like “The Godfather” or likened to “President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia for his authoritarian style and his ability to keep winning elections while eroding the quality of Turkey’s democratic institutions”.

Erdogan by his ‘palace coup’ is completely reshaping his political system into an Islamic Caliphate. Erdogan from his palace in Ankara ousted the most powerful Muslim ruler in the world, the Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu. Davutoğlu was the boss and Erdogan was constitutionally a symbolic figure. The Palace Coup is a story on how the figure became the supreme. Erdogan now became the ruler, catapulting himself to become Sultan, the Muslim Brotherhood, the AK Party and even Turkey itself. It matters not if you read it from right to left or from left to right, it is all the same: Turkey is Erdogan and now the Muslim Brotherhood waxed into becoming Turkey which holds the second most powerful army in NATO after the United States.

A week before the fallout between Erdogan and Davutoğlu there was a firey letter sent by Davutoğlu’s counselor, Umar Korqmaz to the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey.

The letter, as it turns out, was the end of Davutoğlu which made Erdogan “cease the power by intrigue”.

Korqmaz acting as Davutoğlu’s counselor warned the Brotherhood to stop their global outreach from Turkey to even go publicly on TV mocking the Muslim Brotherhood saying: “they [the Muslim Brotherhood] failed to establish the Caliphate through democracy in Egypt and now they have come to Turkey to make our democracy fail?”

The message from Korqmaz sparked jubilation in secular Egypt where the media there declared that “Turkey finally turned on the Muslim Brotherhood”.

But the issue was no small issue for Erdogan, who loves the Brotherhood.

This whole fiasco began when the Muslim Brotherhood had a three day major festival sanctioned by Erdogan titled Shukran Turkie (Thanks Turkey). It was a global advertisement for Erdogan showing how Muslims across the globe thanked Erdogan as their savior who aided Syrian immigrants and defended the cause of Gaza and Jerusalem. The slogan “Thanks Turkey” was advertised throughout the Muslim world by public events reaching all the way to Canada.

It was the type of a grand finale Erdogan desired to send a message to the Muslim world that he is Sultan-Caliph deserving thanks and praises as the defender and champion of Islam.

In the festival, the spiritual head of the Muslim Brotherhood, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi gave a fiery sermon speaking on how they must revive the image and banner of the Ottomans and how no one can make war with the giant of Islam and how through Islam “Turkey’s might will conquer the rest of the nations”.

“You will only subdue all nations through this religion [Islam]” said Qaradawi adding “you will revive, you will revive”. “The Muslim world is more than what they claim” said Qaradawi adding that “there are 1.7 billion Muslims”. He went on sharing how a dead history is reviving and how Ottoman Sultans were the best defenders of Islam and now with 1.7 billion Muslims they should give allegiance to whom he called “Sultan Erdogan”.

Perusing through the three day conference, it opens with declaring Turkey “the capital of the Muslim world” all with fiery speeches from Hamas’ Khaled Mashal to songs about a one world Muslim Caliphate centered in Turkey.

The “Thank you Turkey” conference at the end of April which was observed by Brotherhood leaders from all Arab and Islamic nations effected in raising the pillar of the Muslim Brotherhood dream. It fulfilled Erdogan’s dreams to return the Caliphate which is a dear goal of Erdogan. It accompanied the necessity to change the constitution towards a presidential system and the slow minimization from the Ataturkian secularism”

The Muslim Brotherhood wield more than just the power to stir millions of Muslims towards Erdogan. A new study reveals that over half the leaders of all 49 Muslim terror organizations are members of the Muslim Brotherhood. From Iraq to Somalia and from Afghanistan to Syria, this is true, regardless if the terror entity was ISIS, Al-Qaeda or Al-Nusra … 51% are members of the Muslim Brotherhood  and 65% were released from prison.

Besides the need for global Jihadists, Erdogan needs the Muslim Brotherhood, for without it he will never gain the scholarly support which represents the moral and legal justification from Sharia to gain the support that Erdogan needs to become Caliph.

Erdogan was angered and let Davutoğlu go. He saw Davutoğlu’s actions against the Muslim Brotherhood as the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

Can anyone deny that Erdogan already has everything in place for a Caliphate? He has a Fatwa-giver,Hayrettin Karaman and also the Diyanet which was already established in 1924 “to execute the works concerning the beliefs, worship, and ethics of Islam”?

Did not Erdogan re-activate these and was the pillar in spreading mosques throughout the globe?

With almost all of the violence and Islamic terrorism coming from countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran, it is easy to forget that Turkey was once the seat of the Islamic caliphate, which Muslims throughout the world are anticipating will return to conquer the world. So the ascendance of Erdogan is supremely important, as is the fact that Turkey’s military is very powerful and is presumed to have nuclear armaments.

The West seems oblivious to this new development, but it could have a huge impact on world events and the expansion of Islamic power and even terrorism around the globe. It also will shift the balance of Islamic power as Turkey begins to flex its might and to claim its place as the head of the Islamic world movement.




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