Shocking Video Shows Saudi High School Girls Herded Like Animals

In Saudi Arabia a video recently made in secret shows a man with a stick actually herding young female high school students to keep them indoors until their male guardians or drivers arrive to take them home.

In part of the clip, he strikes one of the young women on the head. He orders the girls to stay indoors by banging his stick on a metal handrail.

Another disturbing video from Algeria shows both male and female Muslims arguing that a man who doesn’t beat his wife isn’t a real man. The contention is that it’s acceptable to beat women if they cause an annoyance.

A real Algerian woman, if her husband doesn’t beat her sometimes, she’ll feel…it’s not manly, it makes me happy,” says one woman.

A UNICEF study cited in the video indicates that 60% of Algerian women think it’s acceptable for a husband to beat his wife.

Despite Islam representing the complete opposite of liberalism in that it is a viciously intolerant belief system that treats women little better than farmyard animals, leftists are trying to embrace Islamism.”

Now, some radical feminists promote the face veil or the hijab as a symbol of female empowerment. The reality is they're a symbol of female oppression in Islamic countries all over the world.

In the past century, Muslim feminists tried to introduce modern ideas to dispense with such female subjugation, but the rise of Islamic fundamentalism after the fall of the Shah of Iran in 1979 allowed radical Islamists gain the upper hand and reinforce the worst aspects of female oppression.

Source: Infowars



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