Sheriff Clarke Offers Solution As Police Threaten Quentin Tarantino, “We’ll Try To Hurt Him”

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Quentin Tarantino, he's famous for films like Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill and various other flicks that are filled with blood and mayhem. While many film enthusiasts look at his work as masterpieces, his comments have a great deal of them ready to boycott any of his future projects. You can see the video of his bumbling in the player below, as well as David Clarke's response.

Tarantino is just one of many Hollywood liberals, who feel like just because they're in the spotlight, their opinions actually matter. Then again, if you've seen any of his films, you know just how little the man values human life. The very police officers he speaks out against are the ones trying to stop the violence inspired by films like his.

Jim Pasco, the executive director of the Fraternal Order of Police, states that they have something cooked up for Tarantino, but would not go into detail, stating that “We’ll be opportunistic.”

“Something is in the works, but the element of surprise is the most important element,” said Pasco. “Something could happen anytime between now and [the premiere]. And a lot of it is going to be driven by Tarantino, who is nothing if not predictable.”

All Quentin Tarantino did was call a murderous cop a murderer, and for this the largest group of cops in the United States is now threatening him.

“The right time and place will come up and we’ll try to hurt him in the only way that seems to matter to him, and that’s economically,” says Pasco.




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