Sharpton: Nation is Divided Because ‘Voice’ was Given ‘to the Archie Bunkers of This Country’

Needless to say, others chimed in as well.  Of all people, I can still recall being shocked at hearing Bill Cosby getting in on the whole sordid affair as he offered up some sort of reward for eyewitnesses to come forward to testify on the poor girl's behalf.  After what seemed years of this crap nearly every night on the WOR and WPIX, and after these officers' lives had been completely and irrevocably stolen from them, ruining their professional careers forever, it was revealed that the charges were bogus and that the entire episode was staged by the girl in order to avoid getting in trouble with her parents for disobeying them by being out and about in the city.

It was shameful, despicable and the Three Stooges were irreparably harmed in reputation by being duped by this little girl, but the three never issued an apology to these cops and quietly exited the stage in order to move on the next race-hustling endeavor.

I still remember the Teaneck, New Jersey case where a White officer shot a Black youth in the back while he was escaping the scene of a minor crime, killing the kid.  It was a horrible situation and riots began shortly after the officer was put on paid leave to await an investigation.  In the interim, Al Sharpton announced his intention of showing up with his Social Justice posse to help incite the people even further so that the maximum amount of damage could be done to the community in its race relations that were already damaged.  And I can still remember the people of the community in one voice rejecting his announcement and actually banning him from speaking at the community gathering.  They wanted no part of his horrid racial divide and the means-to-an-end modus operandi.

One of the residents was quoted:

”I don't particularly care for the people heading the march,” said Mrs. Phelan, who is black. ”I am not an Al Sharpton supporter, and I would not march in anything that is led by him. He tends to exacerbate the situation rather than help it, and I will not be part of the Al Sharpton show.”

The very excruciatingly long interview with Buzzfeed News gets into many different issues, but completely masks the real Al Sharpton that every New Yorker knows about and loathes.  And his assessment of Donald Trump is almost too much manure to dig his way out of and so far removed from reality that even Nostradamus himself couldn't have predicted this excrement. Ringling Brothers three-ring circus may indeed be in their final days as the death throes are issuing from all press releases, celebrating the demise of the Connecticut-birthed American icon due to PETA's consistent and ever-present legal jockeying…but P.T. Barnum is alive and well.  The three-ring circus is all rolled up conveniently into one person, or rather one cartoon character named Al Sharpton.

Nowhere in the world is there a more divisive and rhetoric-driven individual than Al Sharpton.  The worst thing that ever happened to New York politically was not David Dinkins, or even Hillary Clinton, but Al Sharpton, the Race-Hustler-in-Chief.

Sharpton sat down for an interview with Buzzfeed News that spanned the entire length of the Yangtze River and held more contradictory twists and turns than the Mississippi.  And with more innuendo and alternative facts than even the Washington Post can muster up, Sharpton made sure to muddy up the waters with incredibly vague references to subject matter well documented by more than a few reputable (and not so reputable) news sources.

The main thrust of his diatribe, for which the interviewer made more than enough wiggle room in case he misspoke, was that Donald Trump, having hailed from Queens, was an outsider to the Manhattan elite class and, not unlike anything that hasn't been said before (Rush Limbaugh himself detailed these varied complex issues between the Trump clan, going back to his father, and the Central Park East elite) that the Trumps were never fully welcomed into the upper crust of the Cosmopolitans.  Shock, shock.

That being said, he also revealed that he felt that Trump himself was a racist, born of a community of racists.  He detailed a 1986 case where I can remember Sharpton being the main agitator.  I remember the day that he was arrested with dozens of others after having stopped rush hour traffic in the streets and then in the subways.  It was supposedly in reaction to the Howard Beach incident where three White kids chased down and beat three black kids, one of them running onto a busy highway and killed by a passing vehicle.  It was a tragedy, but Sharpton turned an opportunity for dialogue and serious race relations discussions into an opportunity for himself.  He looked for the cameras in every nook and cranny and played to them like Madonna plays to nude photographers.  It was shameless and it was unfortunate for all New Yorkers.

Having grown up listening to this garbage day in and day out, because where controversy was, you just had to lift the nearest rock to find Sharpton, I became used to ignoring his carnival-style barking about “No justice – No peace!”

At one point, he even took the opportunity to drag Roger Ailes' name through the mud, now that the man is dead and buried of course, and referred to the fact that the former Fox News CEO and Chairman had fine-tuned the ability to communicate with all the “Archie Bunkers” of the world and give them a voice through his news network.

I saw you tweeted and maybe got slightly beat up on Twitter about Roger Ailes. You said he'd been a — you didn't agree on much, and you protested him at times but his impact on US culture was undeniable. He's a study.

I wonder what you meant by that: He's a study?

AL SHARPTON: I mean that if you really want to understand how this culture became so divided, Roger Ailes gave a media voice to the Archie Bunkers of this country. And that needs to be studied.

As much as I disagreed with him, if somebody is able to penetrate, you need to know why. And uh, you know, those that did not agree, I mean Rachel Maddow said she considered him a friend, and certainly she didn't agree with him.

So, to be clear, Fox News watchers are racists, Trump supporters are racists, and Trump himself is a racist…yet, he who has made an entire career out of shamelessly race-baiting and ambulance-chasing families like the Brawleys and the Browns…he is a Social Justice Warrior.

Gotta love these Democrats and their hypocrisy.

Source:  Buzzfeed News / New York Times



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