Sexual Assaults Ruin Another German Festival

Sexual Assaults Ruin Another German Festival

Typically, German folk festivals have been times when local citizens can celebrate their heritage and enjoy a range of cultural activities, including music events.

With the hordes of migrants pouring through Germany’s open borders, these charming events have turned into frightening situations for some citizens, particularly young women who’ve experienced sexual assaults ranging from unwanted groping to outright rape.

It’s entirely possible that fun-loving events like Octoberfest may go the way of the horse and buggy because the increasing migrant population in Germany is not assimilating or showing any respect for German heritage and culture.

The crimes aren’t restricted to any particular section of the country. They’ve been occurring throughout Germany with increasing frequency.

Learn about the most recent shocking episode on the next page, as German citizens face a national election in September that could help them fight back against unruly migrants, or continue down the same disastrous path forged by Chancellor Angela Merkel.

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