Second Amendment Win: NV Teen Foils Home Invasion

The 14-year-old was home alone with his two younger siblings, when two men tried to break down the door. Unfortunately for them, they chose the wrong house.

An armed Las Vegas teenager is being called a hero after protecting his younger siblings from a pair of home invaders on Friday.

Alan Mason was home with his 6-year-old siblings when two men began to break down their front door. He rushed his brother and sister into an upstairs closet, grabbed his rifle, and called police.

“I had a rifle,” he told KSNV. “I had a cell phone, called 911. I was just prepared for it.” That preparation paid off as the robbers ran out of the home after spotting the armed 14-year-old.

This is a perfect example of how responsible gun ownership can lead to saving lives. What the liberal media tends to overlook is that guns can’t kill people without somebody to squeeze the trigger. Perhaps, like in the case of Alan Mason, education on how to use the weapon and respect it is better than banning them outright.

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