Scientists Predict Huge Uptick in Earthquakes for 2018 Due to Earth’s Rotation Mysteriously Slowing Down

Geophysicists are warning that 2018 will be a dangerous year. The Earth’s rotation is slowing down which data suggests will lead to a sharp increase in the prevalence of earthquakes.

Geophysicists are able to measure the rotational speed of Earth extremely precisely, calculating slight variations on the order of milliseconds. Now, scientists believe a slowdown of the Earth’s rotation is the link to an observed cyclical increase in earthquakes.

Scientists analyzed every earthquake to occur since the early 1990s while making their predictions. They found a cyclic pattern. However, this cyclic pattern is going to be severely increased in the coming year due to the dramatic slowing down of the Earth’s rotational speed.

To start, the research team of geologists analyzed every earthquake to occur since 1900 at a magnitude above 7.0. They were looking for trends in the occurrence of large earthquakes. What they found is that roughly every 32 years there was an uptick in the number of significant earthquakes worldwide.

The team was puzzled as to the root cause of this cyclicity in earthquake rate. They compared it with a number of global historical datasets and found only one that showed a strong correlation with the uptick in earthquakes. That correlation was to the slowing down of Earth’s rotation. Specifically, the team noted that around every 25-30 years Earth’s rotation began to slow down and that slowdown happened just before the uptick in earthquakes. The slowing rotation historically has lasted for 5 years, with the last year triggering an increase in earthquakes.

You see the Earth is NOT following the same trajectory as previously recorded since the 1990s.

To add an interesting twist to the story, 2017 was the 4th consecutive year that Earth’s rotation has slowed.

This is why the research team believes we can expect more earthquakes in 2018, it is the last of a 5-year slowdown in Earth’s rotation.

What is causing the Earth’s rotation to slow down?

Do you think science can even as much as began to try and explain the Earth confirming to centuries-old Biblical prophesy?

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