Schumer Holds Soldiers Hostage To Control Gun Manufacturers

Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer wants to regulate what weapons manufacturers are producing, and he's doing it by holding up the Army's access to new guns.

In a letter dated October 23, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) asked Secretary of the Army John McHugh to refuse to purchase firearms for soldiers from gun manufacturers who are not actively working on “smart guns” or complying with gun controls that Congress hasn’t even passed.

To understand the gravity of what Schumer is doing it must be noted that the Army, at this moment, is seeking a gun company to supply nearly $600 million worth of handguns for soldiers. This is a large procurement–with a large paycheck–which Schumer wants McHugh to dangle in front of gun manufacturers but refuse to award to any save those that comply with Schumer’s gun control agenda.

In explaining the letter, Schumer sets forth a number of things he wants McHugh to require before buying guns for soldiers, including:

1) Require bidders on federal gun contracts to provide substantive answers to government queries about their distribution practices and safety technologies, and begin measuring their performance in these areas.  2) Expand research and development on “smart guns” and other safety technologies and explore the law enforcement and military applications of these technologies.

Source: Breaitbart

So not only is Senator Schumer regulating what kinds of guns make it into the military, he is attempting to control how weapons manufacturers produce their weapons. Schumer lives in a bizarre fantasy world where you can throw money at a research and development department and reliable future weapons will suddenly appear.

He thinks that he can tell weapons producers how they can conduct their business when they are already complying with the law. Schumer is deliberately seeking to withhold weapons to the Army for a pet project that has not even been legislated.



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