School Board Member Posts Trump Assassination Comment to Social Media, Forced to Resign

mike_helle_trump_assassinationIn his comments, Helle said that “Trump needs to be neutralized” and that “Trump needs to take in a show at Ford’s Theater,” the site of Araham Lincoln’s assassination.

Upon posting a screenshot of the post on its website, radio station officials contacted the Knoxville Police Department regarding the controversial content.

Knoxville Police Lt. Aaron Fuller verified that his department received the tip from WHO and that the local police were forwarding the information to the Secret Service.

We do not have an open investigation, [but] something like this is definitely something that we are going to turn over to the Secret Service and assist them in any manner they request.”

Superintendent Pearson emphasized that Helle’s Facebook post “in no way reflects the feelings of the school district or the school board.”  The controversy suddenly put the school district into a national spotlight it never sought or wanted.

Because the resignation came past an election deadline, a new school board member will be appointed to fill the vacancy. Under state law, there is a 180-day window for a special election. It’s passed and school board elections are already set for September.

Contacted by the CBS affiliate in Des Moines Iowa, Helle released a short statement warning people to be careful what they post on social media.

If I could share one important thought with all of your listeners it would be to be careful of what you post online because one comment taken out of a string of back and forth post(s) can and will be taken out of context.”

Pearson noted she’d not spoken with Helle, who at this point seemingly prefers to handle his communications regarding the situation electronically.

Source: Knoxville Journal-Express, Breitbart




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