Scarborough: Trump Might Support “Assassinating Journalists”

Scarborough: Trump Might Support “Assassinating Journalists”

As easy as it is to see how in the tank for liberals the mainstream media is, few outlets manage to be as embarrassingly blatant in their partisan sympathies as MSNBC is.

Having abandoned any pretense of journalistic integrity, the network instead opts to produce the most sensationalistic material possible, luring as many as viewers as possible in before treating them to their liberal-slanted take on whatever story they are covering. Oftentimes, the claims of their reporters and commentators are so divorced from reality that it is almost laughable, as anyone who saw former anchor Melissa Harris-Perry claim that Star Wars was racist because Darth Vader was black will tell you.

But there are times where their claims and statements are not laughable, but outright irresponsible. This is especially the case with the network's coverage of Donald Trump, which has gone from mere contempt for the president to outright hysteria that he is – I kid you not – at risk of targeting them and their journalistic colleagues for assassination.

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