Scarborough: Trump Might Support “Assassinating Journalists”

Like most hysterics in the media, MSNBC host Scarborough and his panel were positively beside themselves with indignation that Donald Trump acknowledged that the United States has its own record of mistakes to account for before worrying about those of Putin's Russia. Although this is a position long held by leftists, Scarborough and his colleagues feigned shock over Trump expressing this view, with the anchor even going as far to say that the president must support killing journalists and that he must affirmatively state that he will refrain from doing so.

See the video below:

“If Donald Trump keeps being asked to criticize Vladimir Putin for assassinating journalists and Donald Trump refuses to criticize Vladimir Putin for assassinating journalists and say, ‘Well, we do it too,’ in a sense, does that suggest he thinks it’s OK to assassinate journalists?” Scarborough said. “Does that suggest he thinks it’s OK to jail political opponents? To assassinate political opponents? If you don’t condemn, after being repeatedly asked to condemn these actions, at some point you go back to the ‘he who does not deny admits’ story. And it suggested he does. I suggest somebody at the White House get him to write a statement – a very strong statement letting the world know that he condemns the assassination of journalists and political rivals because he suggests in the two interviews with O’Reilly and us that he does not.”



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