Saudis Propose to Build 200 New Mosques…in Germany

A piece by an analyst for the highly respected Royal United Services Institute for the BBC this week explained without any apparent irony that rich Gulf states were not admitting refugees because a sudden influx of tens of thousands, if not millions of people from a warzone could cause political instability and irreversible demographic shifts.

Why can’t the Europeans understand this?
Private Arab individuals are spending some of their enormous oil wealth on charity – about £600 million. Further, the Saudi Arabian government has just made a very generous offer to Germany.

The German Federal government has now realized it cannot financially handle the nearly one million predominantly Muslim migrants and asylum seekers they are taking in this year.

Saudi Arabia has offered Germany an undisclosed sum of money to make life more bearable for the new arrivals. The Saudis propose to build 200 new mosques in the country to make the Syrians at home, reports

German chancellor Angela Merkel has made a bad pledge, vowing to integrate 800,000 refugees into the country this year. The result will be that this year’s record refugee influx will bring sweeping social, demographic and economic change to Germany”. By the end of the year, around one in a hundred “Germans” will be Islamic invaders.






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