Sarsour Attacks White Male Student for Addressing Her “I Wish I Could Take Their Vaginias Away” Tweet

Linda Sarsour is all for promoting equality until she gets mad. It’s in fight or flight moments like this that Sarsour radical Islamic upbringing comes out full force.

She had done it again. Leave it to stanch establishment paid activists like Sarsour to take her unique blend of liberal Muslim feminism to incredulous new heights.

A young white man had the boldness to ask Sarsour about her track record in regards to the treatment of women.

“So this question is really important as I believe that women’s rights or human rights. So I really want to know under what circumstances is it acceptable to say that “I wish I could take their vaginas away. They don’t deserve to be women. Just to give that context. That’s just one of your tweets off your twitter.”

That is when claws came out. It’s not really Sarsour fault though. When the liberals gave her the victim makeover packet they must’ve forgotten to add a pamphlet on the existence of pesky creatures such as white men and their damn ability to comprehend reason.

So, Sarsour being the good Trump-hating Muslim women that she is took a different route. She crafted-up a beautiful word salad: diced shame on top a bed of fresh colors mixed in the arrogance, stupidity, and infantile entitlement.

“So let’s give some context here. Because you.. We have… Uhh this is an event organized by an Asian American, right? Let’s just get some… let’s just get some context to what is going on here…Celebrating a community, right? Talking about communities of color who are directly being impacted at this moment and I have a young white man in the back who is not directly impacted by any of the issues that I mentioned.

Audience cheers

“A copy and paste that he got from a right wing blog. He doesn’t even know if it came from my Twitter account because he has a screenshot of it. He never actually went to my Twitter to see if it’s actually there. Right? That never happened.

Try to think back to the public discourse on Hillary Clinton’s emails, Sarsour. Yes and no are simple concepts. Why are you asking the audience if the tweet is real or not and defending yourself?  Besides if you actually 100% know that tweet is right-wing propaganda than people have a far bigger problem to worry about.

But let me just say this to you. You’re college students. I was in my twenties when was that? 2011? People say stupid shit sometimes, right? I will be judged by my impeccable track record for standing for black lives and immigrants rights and women’s right, and LGBT rights, you judge me by that record and not by some Tweet you think I did or did not tweet.10 years ago, or 7 years ago or whenever it was. So, that’s my answer to your question.”

Again, Sarsour, learn from your other crooked feminist friends. Pretending to be senile doesn’t get you off the hook. Biographies state you’re 38 years of age. So, no you weren’t in your 20s back in 2011. And yes that tweet exists and originated from your own radicalized diabolical mind.

Now that we’ve got that cleared up maybe you can get back to claiming that “Muslims can’t assimilate. So, Americans are terrorizing us” as the reasoning behind Western society taking issue to a Muslim women threatening to chop-off the vaginas of those who oppose her ideology.


Image: Festival of Faiths



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