Sanders Refuses to Explain Socialism’s Failures in Latin America: “I’m Focused On My Campaign”

Does Bernie Sanders have an opinion on the crisis in Venezuela?  He claims he does, but he refused to explain the socialist failures in Latin American countries to Leon Krauze of Univision.

Sanders responded, “You are asking me questions…”

Krauze pressed, “So you don’t have an opinion about the crisis in Venezuela?”

Sanders shot back, “Of course I have an opinion, but as I said, I’m focused on my campaign.”

Sanders views himself as a democratic socialist. He describes his beliefs this way on his website:

“It builds on what Franklin Delano Roosevelt said when he fought for guaranteed economic rights for all Americans. And it builds on what Martin Luther King, Jr. said in 1968 when he stated that; ‘This country has socialism for the rich, and rugged individualism for the poor.”

“It builds on the success of many other countries around the world that have done a far better job than we have in protecting the needs of their working families, the elderly, the children, the sick and the poor.”

The current government of Venezuela controls “the courts, the military, the electoral authority, the media, and many of the large businesses.”

It would be helpful for Bernie Sanders, the thousands of socialist professors in U.S. universities, and people like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Elizabeth Warren to pay attention to the inevitable result when socialism is put into effect in a nation. They will never do that, because they know that the false message of socialism attracts a certain sort of citizen who is looking for the government to do for them what they will not do. And because these types of politicians anticipate the wealth and power that accrue to the elites and lead the pheasants to the slaughter when socialism is practiced, they will continue their siren song, knowing that the young and the stupid will follow their lead.

Source: Daily Caller




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