Sanders’ CommieCare Plan More Radical Than China’s

Sanders’ CommieCare Plan More Radical Than China’s

Sometime this month, socialist Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders will unveil his “Medicare for all” bill that will have the government pay 100% of the nation’s health care costs.

That will be an amazing feat of financial legerdemain for a country $20 trillion in debt and a government that already spends much more than it takes in.

Sanders relies on the typical argument offered by single-payer advocates, who falsely claim that every other industrialized country provides guaranteed universal coverage, with lower health costs and better health outcomes.

His Senate colleague Kamala Harris of California already has signaled her support for Sanders’ “CommieCare.”

According to a web page outlining the proposed plan, it will cover “the entire continuum of health care,” from inpatient care to dental, vision, drugs and rehab. What’s incredible is patients wouldn't pay one penny out of pocket, according to the outline.

On the next page, learn the real facts about what citizens pay in other countries and how U.S. health care costs for our people stack up against them.

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