Sanders’ CommieCare Plan More Radical Than China’s

Truth be told, none of the industrialized countries touted by single payer advocates pay all of the costs for patients. Out of the 35 countries in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), only two (France and Luxembourg) pay a smaller share of their national health bills out of pocket than the United States.

But what Sanders and Co. never, ever, say is that those countries also require their citizens to pay a far bigger share of health care dollars out of pocket than the U.S. does today, or that most of them have some form of private health insurance in the mix.”

Even in communist China, the people pay 32% of health care costs out of pocket, compared to only 11% in the United States. The Chinese government pays 62% of health care costs, with private insurance picking up 6%.

In the United States, the government pays 49% of health care costs while private insurance picks up 40%.

Single payer promoters often cite Canada as an example to follow, where 70% of the country’s health care costs are government-financed, with private insurers picking up another 15%, with the remaining 15% paid out of pocket.

Other countries with higher out of pocket expenses than the U.S. include: Switzerland (28%); Australia (20%); Great Britain (15%); and Denmark (14%).

And even though the U.S. devotes a far bigger share of its economy to overall health spending, when it comes to out-of-pocket spending, the U.S. share (1.9% of GDP) is lower than 10 other OECD countries and only slightly above the average for all of them.”

Naturally, Sanders wants to go for the whole thing is one shot, promising “No more co-pays, no more deductibles, and no more fighting with insurance companies when they fail to pay for charges.”

No doubt his approach will appeal to the growing army of moochers out there feeding off the rest of us who pay our bills, taxes and insurance.

Under Sanders “CommieCare,” the United States would take the lead for the most expensive health care system in the world along with the skyrocketing taxes needed to pay for it.

By promoting a plan unlike any seen elsewhere, except maybe for communist hellhole Cuba, the Democrats in favor of it are either totally ignorant of how other countries handle their health care costs or just obscenely cynical and deceitful about using pie-in-the-sky promises to gain power over the people.

Source: Investors Business Daily




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