Samuel Jackson: Police Depts Hire Veterans Suffering from PTSD Who Become Murdering Cops

The star of the Hateful Eight, Samuel L. Jackson, seems to be a hater of both military heroes and police officers.  In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he made a malicious stated that returning war veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq may have PTSD and therefore will return as killers and should not be cops as they will kill, specifically black youth.

The leap in his logic is profoundly unreasonable, lacking in evidentiary support.

Transitioning to the conflict between white cops and black youth — a subject that recently got Tarantino in hot water — he says, “In the sixties or whatever, guys went to Vietnam, and they came home, and people hated them, they were ‘baby killers’ or whatever, and a lot of them became cops ’cause that was the job — ‘Oh, you have ex-military service? You can become one of the boys in blue.’ And because they were so vilified by everybody outside, they formed this ‘blue wall’ that’s now still a part of what that is, but now it’s kids coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan, and now they’ve identified PTSD — but that’s not one of the tests they give for people who put on the uniform. So, consequently, you’ve got people out there who are used to looking at people as ‘the enemy’ ’cause that’s what it was — people were trying to kill them every day. It was like, ‘Oh, my God’ — you see a guy, the guy jumps up, ‘Hold it!’ And young black men are threatening, you know, and it just happens. So all these things snowball and snowball.”

He hastens to add, “Now, not every cop in the world is guilty of that — there’s good cops and there’s bad cops; there’s guys who, you know, misuse their authority, and there are guys who watch ‘em do it who want to do something but they can’t because they’ve gotta be part of that blue wall.

In this same interview, Jackson openly admits that he “wanted” the San Bernardino terrorists to be white, and accuses Donald Trump of running a campaign based on “hate.

Jackson, an actor with a great fan base, has abused his position by making false statements that fan the flames of racism and hate of cops and the military.

Source: Breitbart





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