Salzburg Bans Pork for Kindergartens

Despite 92% of Austrian CITIZENS in Salzburg approving pork being a part of school lunches, it has been banned from kindergartens out of respect for Islamic religious traditions. That is BS. Give it time and we won’t even be able to eat a damn leaf without offending somebody’s religion. And do take a second to pause and appreciate the superior culture and religion surrounding Jesus – he don’t tell nobody what meat they can and can’t eat  BECAUSE there are more important things going on in the world! Such as what is going on in Salzburg preschools.

In addition to Bregenz, Salzburg is now the second state capital, which in kindergartens no longer offers pork products.

92 percent reject ” Schnitzel-   Prohibition ”

All parents interviewed by ServusTV were surprised by the fact that there was no pork, and that this was rejected by a majority –  – a subjective impression, which was then also examined by a specially commissioned survey, explained the transmitter on Friday.

It turned out that 78 per cent of Austrians felt that pork should be on the menu plan in public nursery schools.  Twenty-two per cent are reluctant to remove pork from the nurture of local nursery schools, because of the respect for religious traditions.

You see forget securing borders or vetting migrants to make sure they express a desire to comply with Western culture and laws when us citizens can just bend over backward to please the foreign migrants – we’re in Europe right now – imagine the U.S. in about 10 years if the left keeps up their diabolical Satan worshiping antics.

Instead of “when I was a kid I walked up hill both ways to schools” it's going to be “when I was a kid you could eat pork without going to jail for being a racist” for my generation if this shit keeps up. And people wonder why more people aren't too found of fanatical Muslims… You know?! Don't eat Pork, go hang out with the vegan hippies, both of you are cool, unless you try preaching at everybody else to be exactly like yourselves… That is what's un-American and why Western culture overall has no interest importing more into their countries. Well, that and the whole plot afloat to compensate for the purposeful decline in fertility rates in Western countries that are being replenished with Muslim Migrants to create a global breakdown that will can lead to a NWO. But once again that's another story, and one you need to hear and will be right here in your feed sometime within the next week!

Source: Zietung




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