Russian Corporation Creates Skynet Like Artificial Intelligence

The United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation, an integral part of the Rostec Arms Corporation says it has developed the Unicum, a software package that gives military or civilian robots enough artificial intelligence to make their own decision on the battlefield or whatever situation they might find themselves in.

Powering a group of up to 10 robotic complexes, the Unicum artificial intelligence (AI) communicates and distributes ‘roles’ among the robots, chooses the ‘commander’ of the robotic task force and assigns combat mission to each individual machine.

It can locate targets, choose dominating positions on a battlefield, request target elimination validation from human operators and eliminate the targets. It is also capable of automatically requesting replacements for disabled machines.

“This is the first [AI] system of that quality that has successfully completed the tests and has been passed on to the client. The technology is being readied for installation on real life robotic systems, both civilian and in the military, including unmanned aerial vehicles,” OPK Deputy Director Sergey Skokov said.

Skokov also claims that the software system passed all of the government commissions. If this is true, it would be interesting to know exactly what kind of standards Russia has placed on their weapons manufacturers. The developers say their A.I. could exclude humans from taking part in the actions of robots altogether. That sounds foreboding.




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