Rubio Channels Obama: I have “Personally Seen” Minorities Targeted by Police, and Felt the ‘Sting of Racism’

In contrast to Rubio, GOP frontrunner, Donald Trump has been vocal in his support for law enforcement. Standing on the opposite side of Rubio, he said that the police are the most mistreated people in America, and he's right. And because of this rhetoric created by the left . . . and Rubio, many are actually afraid to do their jobs out of a fear of being repremanded.

A study from the Public Services Research Institute in Maryland found that racial profiling did not play a role in the traffic stops. Citing the study, Coulter writes: “Blacks constituted 25 percent of all speeders and they were about 23 percent of drivers stopped for speeding. Controlling for age and gender, blacks sped at about twice the rate of whites. The racial disparity was even greater for drivers exceeding 90 mph.”

Manhattan Institute scholar Heather Mac Donald has similarly documented that the reason there is a greater police presence in black neighborhoods is because there are higher crime rates in those neighborhoods: “In 2013, there were 6,261 black homicide victims in the U.S.—almost all killed by black civilians—resulting in a death risk in inner cities that is ten times higher for blacks than for whites.” Mac Donald writes:

The police, by contrast, according to published reports, kill roughly 200 blacks a year, most of them armed and dangerous, out of about 40 million police-civilian contacts a year. Blacks are in fact killed by police at a lower rate than their threat to officers would predict. In 2013, blacks made up 42 percent of all cop killers whose race was known, even though blacks are only 13 percent of the nation’s population.

Mac Donald’s findings suggest that the narrative–currently voiced by the left and Sen. Rubio–that police officers are racially-motivated could increase the threat to police officers and innocent civilians.

In particular, Mac Donald has documented the “poisonous effect” that has resulted from those who “participated in mass hysteria” and “promulgated… untruths” such as the “criminal-justice system is biased against blacks; that the black underclass doesn’t exist; and that crime rates are comparable between blacks and whites—leaving disproportionate police action in minority neighborhoods unexplained without reference to racism.”

As a result, the “incessant drumbeat against the police has resulted in what St. Louis police chief Sam Dotson last November called the ‘Ferguson effect.’ Cops are disengaging from discretionary enforcement activity and the ‘criminal element is feeling empowered,’ Mr. Dotson reported.” Mac Donald writes, “Arrests in St. Louis city and county by that point had dropped a third since the shooting of Michael Brown in August. Not surprisingly, homicides in the city surged 47% by early November and robberies in the county were up 82%.”

“Shooting incidents are up 500% in an East Harlem precinct compared with last year; in a South Central Los Angeles police division, shooting victims are up 100%,” Mac Donald observes.

Mac Donald explained that the “Ferguson effect” will only hurt innocent civilians living in gang-beseiged communities.

You can't make claims that cops are targeting minorities, when those minorities are the ones committing crimes. The statistics don't lie. It isn't racism to stop people who are doing bad things. What are they supposed to do, just ignore somebody robbing a store or murdering an innocent civilian just because they're African-American? This isn't the first time Rubio has taken a Progressive stand on ethnic issues. It makes you wonder if he's a Conservative or a Democrat Lite.




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