Rosie O’Donnell Facing $13 Million Dollar Fine, Prison Time for Trying to Bride Elected Officials

Leftist land-whale Rosie O’Donnell once said during the 2016 presidential election that President Trump could never be President because his mouth looks like an anus. Despite this woefully unfunny “comedian” attempts to be relevant, she still struggles too as much as coax her adopted daughter to dis her on Twitter.

Because the family life didn’t work out for this “progressive” lesbian, [her ex-wife killed herself, adopted daughter refuses to speak to her] O’Donnell has been forced to devote all of her time to the only group left as desperate as herself, the Democrat party.

The ocean of liberal lies is dissolving and now all this newly evolved land-whale can do to stay relevant is attack the swamp drainer.

Head on over to hear how Rosie O’Donnell committed a felony trying to block President Trump’s tax bill:

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