Rosie O’Donnell: Trump ‘Will Never Be President’, ‘His Mouth Looks Like an Anus’

O’Donnell was part of the SAG-AFTRA Foundation Conversations panel on Monday, where she discussed her role as a lesbian character on the CBS comedy, Mom.

“Being a lesbian in real life —News flash, get off your Twitter sir,” the former View co-host said. “Don’t tell people. It is not about politics it is about acting. I’m not going near him, trust me. Orange man.”

“Anyway, the thing is… his mouth looks like an anus,” O’Donnell added of Trump.

In recent weeks, O’Donnell has resumed taking shots at the GOP presidential frontrunner.

Last month, O’Donnell claimed that Trump is the “worst representation of the United States”. Which logically would be why she’s voting for Hillary (face palm). This is the perfect example of somebody voting for Hillary based on her gender and possible sexuality. Rosie concluded her comments by saying that she would move to Canada if Trump got elected. Well . . . good riddance.





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