Robert De Niro: President Trump is a Bully, We Have to Bully Him Back

Robert De Niro joined the likes of Michael Moore and other Hollywood celebrities in criticizing President Trump during the campaign as well as to date. Of course, that's his right. Yet we have the all too familiar situation of celebrities assuming the position of qualified political commentators largely because of their success in the entertainment industry.

While De Niro has said that he would like to punch the president in the face before, he has also backed off that a bit┬álater. Now he's pretty back to his original position. Calling President Trump a “bully” who deserves a punch, he more recently took a more nuanced tone implying that he didn't mean that literally. Rather, he averred that what he had meant was that “bullies” like Mr. Trump need to be put in their place.

What we have is one more Hollywood celebrity who enjoys getting an audience stirred up by making outlandish remarks. In so doing, he commits the same offense of which he accuses the president.

In the case of “The View,” it's one show we enjoy avoiding.



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