RINOs and Dems Plot Use of 25th Amendment to Get Rid of Trump

If anyone believes for an instant that the FNIC doesn't collude with each other when it comes to coordinating attacks against any Republican or Conservative, they're living in a World of Warcraft fantasy milieu.  All one would need to do if they believed otherwise would be a little research on a single word:  gravitas.  While most younger readers may not remember, there was a time when George W. Bush was undergoing the exact same treatment as Trump (the only difference being that he was beloved by the Republican Establishment because he was one of them).

However, when Bush finally revealed that his vice president was going to be Dick Cheney, the FNIC (who absolutely adored the former Secretary of Defense at that point and wouldn't start despising him until their infallible Al Gore lost the election) immediately that evening went on a total coordinated rant about Dick Cheney and the “gravitas” he would bring to the ticket.  Not joking.  By the way, let's also not forget that the Left also called George W. Bush an illegitimate president because he “stole the election” from Gore.  Never mind the fact that Gore's lawyers in the disputed state of Florida didn't want the military ballots counted (yes, the very men and women serving overseas who voted by proxy ballot in Florida).

Where most people had never heard the word before, the FNIC all night long used the same exact word over and over.  In fact, Rush Limbaugh's staff put together a montage of that single night's broadcasts where Al Hunt, Juan Williams, Claire Shipman, Steve Roberts, Vic Fazio, Jeff Greenfield, Jonathan Alter, former Senator Bob Kerrey, Margaret Carlson, Mike McCurry, Sam Donaldson, Eleanor Clift, Walter Isaacson, Mark Shields, Judy Woodruff, and Sam Donaldson all used that word…and hysterically tried to say that these networks all came up with that description independently of each other!  “Yes, of course we all came up with the word “xenodochium” in the same night by complete coincidence!”

Suffice it to say that the same thing is happening all over again.  The FNIC has once again taken their talking points from their briefing with Valerie Jarrett at the Department of Shadowy Endeavors in the $5.3M mansion in downtown Swampland at the direction of Barack Hussein Obama.  What is the “gravitas” subject of the day?

The 25th Amendment.

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