‘We Were Right’: Psychiatrists Sat It’s ‘Critical’ They Testify on Impeachment

‘We Were Right’: Psychiatrists Sat It’s ‘Critical’ They Testify on Impeachment

The public impeachment inquiry hearing process has begun and like flies to horse manure, the bevy of psychiatrists and psychologists who are deeply aligned and indebted to the federal government for all its cavalier funding of frivolous programs, studies and tests in the medical community have come out in droves to once again beat the “Trump is mentally unstable” drum.

If you thought that the claimed 58,000 medical professionals who were touted by Leftist media and print back in 2017 as experts against Trump’s unfitness for office wasn’t enough, don’t fret! They’ve got more medical professionals looking to be impeachment witnesses than they have spies in the Trump White House. In fact, if you open any bathroom stall in Congress today, you’re bound to find a psychiatrist or two huddled in there, Rorschach tests in hand, waiting to spring on any unsuspecting House members, wildly gesticulating their desire to speak up on behalf of all Americans…you know, for the safety of this country!

Another group has come forward and are being paraded today as the latest in a long line of “highly-skilled and unquestionably knowledgeable” doctors who are begging to be put onto the witness stand. If they have to spike Adam “Schifty” Schiff’s coffee with laxatives, they will, just so they can get an audience with the one man who could bend the 1973 Goldwater Rule that disallows these exact kinds of antics.

Turn to the following page to read about the newest group who assure you that they are the genuine article when it comes to being able to properly assess the many instabilities of this man we call President of the United States and how they are pushing to be placed at the table in these impeachment inquiry hearings to do their part to save America from the evil Donald Trump!

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