‘We Were Right’: Psychiatrists Sat It’s ‘Critical’ They Testify on Impeachment

Once the smoke has cleared and this impeachment farce comes to a close, it will be noted in history that, once again, the Democrats were reaching for an unreachable star…namely, the removal of President Trump from office. Their constant drumbeat of negative news through their DNC-Network Media and the Deep State, as well as all their affiliates in the GOP Never-Trumper camp (located right outside of downtown Liberal Central) and the Globalist Cabal and the Hollywood Arrogant, was supposed to drive a wedge between Trump and his supporters.


That hasn’t worked thus far and the ways in which they are attempting to do so appear to merely fall on deaf ears. Even their parading of psychiatrists and psychologists up and down the aisles who are holding signs that read things like, “Hell, no, Trump must go!” or “I took a Hippocratic Oath to do no harm; therefore I must tell America the truth about Donald Trump’s mental incapacity!” is not enough to peel off Trump voters.

That hasn’t stopped the doctors, however, from throwing an even bigger temper tantrum now than when they began promoting this narrative after his announcement of his candidacy. In fact, back in February of 2017, just a short year after his Inauguration, a 20,000-word article was published by Medium which detailed all Trump’s mental health issues and all his crimes (so far) and how these 58,000 doctors were all ready, willing and able to go to bat for the Democrat Party at any impeachment hearing of their choice.

In that piece, my personal favorite was when they detailed how his Malignant Narcissism would lead directly to a nuclear-propelled World War III. Yes, they really did.


The Washington Examiner has published another article about the next doctors in line to shore up the flagging impeachment circus proceedings. The doctors, James Merikangas, Jerrold Post, John Zinner, and Allen Dyer, all of whom teach at George Washington University, as well as Sara Pascoe, a clinical neuropsychologist who is a former member of the National Academy of Medicine, are all part of the panel. This group has an abundance of experience in writing anti-Republican, anti-Conservative, and anti-Trump books and that’s exactly why they’re chomping at the bit, trying to get Schiff and the other Democrats to notice them.

One of the books, “Dangerous Charisma: The Political Psychology of Donald Trump and His Supporters” explains just how terribly cult-like this whole presidency is and how it’s pretty darned obvious that, not only should Trump be removed from office, but that his supporters should be banned from EVER voting again. Well, okay, so that last part is not really in the book…but it should be! Because, dang it, we’re all a bunch of lunatics bent on the destruction of the country and the planet.

There is one thing about this group that is crystal clear: They all hunger for the spotlight and any chance to get on national television to air their personal grievances as “serious medical conclusions” would be sublime for them and is really the ultimate goal.

If not for a 1973 rule by Congress that prohibits this type of testimony from being admitted into official records, Schiff would already have tried and convicted the president on all counts…mental and otherwise. You can bet your tongue depressor on that.

Sources:  The Washington Examiner / Medium


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