Revealed: Leftist Group Buses in Protesters to Force Chaos at Trump Rally

Donald Trump may be a controversial figure in American politics, but it seems even he can't motivate detractors to get out and protest on their own. Instead, outside groups are having to bring people in from across the nation in order to disrupt the presidential hopeful's events. A group of Trump supporters learned this firsthand during a rally in Dallas, Texas.

The group approaches one of the police officers, who turns to them and says “we’re going to push the protesters to that side of the street, away from y’all, so they can get to their busses quietly and not cause any problems.”

“Why do they have busses?” Biggs asks the officer, who responds, “yeah, they got bused in. Once they’re all secured on the buses — out of the picture — we’ll open [the barriers] up, and you all can go to your cars.”

These so-called “protestors” might not even be motivated by Trump or his controversial policies. In fact, it's been reported that these disrupters are often paid operatives funded by leftist activist  George Soros.

Source: Daily Caller




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