Soros’ Ad on Craigslist: ‘Get paid $15 an hour to protest at the Trump rally’

Soros’ Ad on Craigslist: ‘Get paid $15 an hour to protest at the Trump rally’

Bernie Sanders did not have a real adult job until he was 40 years old, at which time he got an elected government job, and he has been living off the taxpayers ever since. Crazy Uncle Bernie is now riding high, promising young, inexperienced voters free stuff such as college tuition and relief from student loan debt, and the young folks are following like lemmings to the cliff.

It is still not clear if Bernie is the ultimate cynic and will use these kids and then leave them flat after he is elected, or if he actually believes his utopian socialist nonsense, but he has gained quite a following with his Karl Marx schtick that could lead to the ultimate government gig as the president of the United States.

Bernie is fighting a two front war, one against Hillary Clinton, the quintessential Democrat insider, and one against Republicans who keep reminding people that someone has to pay the bills, get a job, and be responsible. It is a much more difficult position to sell since you are not promising a lot of free stuff, but Bernie supporters are not only showing up to his pep rallies, they are also going to Republican rallies to shout down and possibly prevent GOP candidates from speaking.

It is a long Lefty socialist tradition, and Bernie has somehow found out a way to marshal these forces to disrupt the political discourse that would normally exist in a free society where speech is held sacrosanct. It is true that the young have not been raised to have respect and decorum when others have contrary opinions, but perhaps there is more to the situation than just a rabid group of Bernie supporters determined to shut down the political dialogue.

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