Revealed: Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Set Up ‘Veterans Against Trump’ Protest

It all started the week after the media had been told that Trump had not raised the $6 million he promised he would donate to various veterans groups. This was followed by months of silence by Trump's campaign, which Hillary Clinton didn't hesitate to take advantage of.

The Clinton campaign swiftly organized a conference call for Saturday, led by the Clinton campaign’s veterans and military families outreach director, Jonathan Murray. According to one of the people on that call, participants were told that the Clinton campaign should not be seen viewed as behind the organizer of the protest.


At Monday’s protest, Marine veteran and Clinton supporter Alexander McCoy served as a spokesman for the demonstrators—and went to great lengths to hide the Clinton campaign’s involvement with organizing the demonstration.


“We’re not affiliated with any campaign, we’re not affiliated with any organization,” McCoy told reporters, saying the protesters used “grassroots organizing techniques, we came together over social media.”


McCoy later told The Daily Beast he reached out to the Clinton campaign to obtain press contacts but denied that Clinton staffers had been involved in organizing the event.


Then, reached by phone after the event, McCoy acknowledged that the Clinton campaign organized the conference call bringing together possible attendees to the protest.


The Clinton campaign initially played down its role in the event, but Murray later said in a statement to The Daily Beast: “[W]e were more than happy to lend some logistical support to the activists who organized today’s protest and we’ll be happy to do the same for any other veterans who want to speak out against Trump’s shameful disrespect.”


An organizer who participated in Saturday’s Clinton campaign-led conference call also said McCoy had discouraged the participation of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) or other major veterans groups to prevent them from claiming the limelight.

McCoy disputed that characterization, telling The Daily Beast he expressed concern on the call about Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America members “showing up in IAVA T-shirts,” which could send a confused message about the focus of the protest. There was no attempt to block IAVA or other veterans groups, he said.


Nevertheless, one veterans organizer said, the result was an astroturfed political stunt rather than an expression of grassroots outrage.

Greed, corruption, sabotage, this is just an example of what America can expect if Hillary Clinton is elected president, as if her history of scandal isn't enough of a warning. Even if you don't like Donald Trump, he's obviously the lesser of two evils in this election. The protest ended with water being dumped on the heads of the protestors, though not on purpose. Coincidentally, somebody happened to be washing the windows up above.





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