Revealed: George Soros Behind Albuquerque Trump Protests

Revealed: George Soros Behind Albuquerque Trump Protests

Need a job?  George Soro's is hiring professional protesters for Trump rallies.  If you are not afraid to mix it up, throw rocks at cops, get peppered sprayed for your violent antics, then this job might be just what you are looking for.

Most recently, these paid protesters were seen raising a ruckus in Albaqueree, New Mexico and were organized 100% by a grassroots political organizations the Red Nation and the “Party for Socialism and Liberation”, PSL for short.  These organizations, both extreme in their ideology and hate for capitalism are funded by George Soros, a man who has gained much, thanks to the free market capitalism in America.

These groups recruited using fliers calling to “Shut Trump Down”.  Earlier in the year, in Wisconsin, more Soros' paid protestors were recruited via a Craigslist ad. Truth and Action wrote,  “A curious thing recently showed up on Craig’s List, the digital local newspaper that offers everything from free household items to employment opportunities to paid sexual services. In this case, it was an ad on Tuesday morning inviting pro-Bernie Sanders people in Wisconsin to protest against Donald Trump for $15 an hour.”

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