Republicans Calling For Impeachment Have Dark Secrets of Their Own


The Hill is happily skipping down the road of publications today as they have managed to wrangle together a couple of willing Republican subjects to the crown who are “bold and brave enough to speak out against the evil Trump administration.”

They cobbled together an article surrounding the four Republicans who have floated the “I”-word in reference to Trump's handling of the firings of multiple personnel and the so-called “memo” that apparently has scrawled upon it in the blood of the former FBI Director damning evidence of obstruction of justice on a level equal to the Watergate scandal.

The first Republican on the firing line for me is Justin Amash (R-MI) who is a U.S. Representative.  He was an ardent Rand Paul supporter and also a FreedomWorksPAC supporter (who in turn endorsed Ted Cruz).  He opposed the reauthorization of the Patriot Act (a good thing) but then turned around and supported the trashing of the measure of indefinite detention regarding enemy combatants captured on the battlefield bent on the destruction of the U.S. and its allies.  He was once called “Al-Qaeda's best friend in Congress” by a political opponent, because of his stance against the detainment of enemy combatants.  Since day one of the president's campaign and election, Amash has been a critic, slamming Trump at every opportunity.  The Grand Rapids area of Michigan, for which he is the representative, is steeped in Establishmentariat money and nostalgia, having been the former seat of President Gerald Ford.

It's clear that Amash has an axe to grind and also clear that my money is on Trump when it comes to swatting this RINO mosquito aside.  In claiming to be a “true” Conservative, it raises a ton of red flags.  Every single Republican running for office in the last few elections was painfully aware that the mere presence of the word “Conservative” in a candidate's platform was tantamount to a shoe-in contest.  The “true” Conservatives like Kristol, Will and Brooks are no more than Establishmentariat pets on a short leash who are as condescending toward middle America as Obama or Hillary.

Jones suggested in an interview with The Hill on Wednesday that the allegations in the Comey memo could lead to a push for impeachment proceedings.
“I don't know at this point,” Jones said if the allegations could be grounds for impeachment proceedings. But he added: “I think legal scholars will probably start giving the justification of whether the House should or should not move forward on impeachment.”

Next up on the firing line is Walter Jones (R-NC) whose only true Republican bone in his body is the stirrup bone and only because that bone allows his trembling hand to jot an “R” next to his name each time he re-runs for office.  Jones is the parody of the RINO, but even more so, because he IS actually a Democrat.  His daddy was the Democratic Congressman from North Carolina and he followed in his father's footsteps by being elected as a Democrat initially.  During the Gingrich Revolution in the Clinton years, Jones saw the coming changeover in Congress and the way the American voter had become thoroughly fed up with the Clintons and the Democrats and their continuous scandals and were looking for a Conservative alternative.  He promptly jumped parties and, eyes darting nervously from Left to Right in a nervous way, embraced his now-fellow RINOs.  He's been there ever since.  The man was a staunch critic of George W. Bush and never really quite fit in to his new slightly-shrunken Republican Underoos.  Regardless, he's still there and still pulling in the percentages in North Carolina for the GOP (much to his own chagrin).  His repulsion by everything with Trump's name on it is palpable and ever-present.

In an interview late Tuesday night with CNN's Don Lemon, Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-Fla.) compared Trump allegedly pressuring Comey to drop the Flynn investigation to the obstruction of justice cases that led to impeachment proceedings for former presidents Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton.

“Obstruction of justice in the case of Nixon, in the case of Clinton in the late 90s, has been considered an impeachable offense,” Curbelo said.

Curbelo called for Comey to testify before Congress to provide a full explanation of his conversations with Trump.

“It may be something very serious, it may be nothing,” Curbelo said.

Last up is Carlos Curbelo (R-FL) a U.S. Representative who has largely been supportive of the policies of Donald Trump, however there are some glaring issues with his governance.  First and foremost, his particular district was won by Hillary Clinton.  While this may not seem like a huge problem, considering that Trump still carried the state overall. but when it comes down to his personal reelection bid, it's a very important point.  How can he hope to stave off a challenge from a Hillary crony in the next election cycle if he is a staunch Trump supporter?  Answer:  he can't.  Therefore, his political bent will suddenly be taking a Left turn.  The other interesting aside is that he worked under George Lemieux who was another Moderate Republican, but attached politically to Charlie Crist.  If you remember, Crist was the turncoat who was upended by Rubio back during the Tea Party furor, who then ran as a Democrat, ultimately losing.  The third thing that is a red flag for me is that Curbelo was instrumental in supporting The Lugar Center, whose stated purpose is:

the Lugar Center seeks to become a prominent voice in many of the global issues that defined the Senator's work in Congress. Among these are Global Food Security, WMD Nonproliferation, Foreign Aid Effectiveness, and Bipartisan Governance. Since its inception in January 2013, the Lugar Center has served as a source of education and awareness on these pertinent issues.

Definitely some issues there, especially when one considers that Curbelo is also an advocate of Global Warming initiatives, those which are specifically being whittled away by this administration.

So there you have it…the “Republicans” who are throwing around “impeachment” as if they really have doubts on which side their political coin will flip when push comes to shove.

Take these with a grain of salt.  Or in these guys' cases, a grain of hemlock.

Source:  The Hill



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