The Republican Governors Who Would See Trump Impeached

When the announcements were made last month by the Fake News Media that two GOP governors were calling for the impeachment of that filthy scumbucket named Donald Trump, the reporters couldn’t contain their giddiness. They were seen to be prancing around with a camera and microphone, interviewing these daring, courageous and maverick governors who stood up for what they believed and punched the Trump administration right square in the nose.

Both Charlie Baker and Phil Scott, Republican governors of Massachusetts and Vermont, announced that they believed that Donald Trump should be impeached in Congress. They were disgusted with his criminal activity and disregard for the tenets set forth by the US Constitution and wanted everyone to know that they stood with their constituents of their respective states in solidarity on this particular issue.

One might believe that these two were motivated by the fact that they were GOP governors in very Liberal states. Be that as it may, they had some harsh things to say about our president. The Bay State’s governor, Baker said, “Based on the stuff that I’ve read, it’s a deeply disturbing situation and circumstance and I think the proper role and responsibility for Congress at this point is to investigate it and get to the bottom of it.” Of course, this was his statement BEFORE he read “all of the written materials and allegations that are out there so far.”

Very wise.

The Green Mountain State’s governor, Scott, on the other made no bones about how he feels in regard to impeachment. He called the move by Congress “appropriate,” but added that he believed the matter should be delved into as to whether or not to remove Trump from office completely. For more information on that article, read The Republican Governors Cheering for Trump’s Impeachment.

The question now is, have the two other GOP governors in Blue States come to the same or similar conclusion. Here’s what we predicted in September:

Now, technically for the Left, Larry Hogan is a slam dunk. Look for his condemnation of President Trump in the upcoming weeks as this news frenzy of Whistlegate intensifies. But for Sununu, the path is a little less precarious. Although New Hampshire voters have gone Blue for the last four election cycles, in 2016, the state was literally split in half, with Hillary winning the state’s 4 Electoral Votes by a .3% (that’s point-three-percent) edge over Trump. So, if we’re going to be fair, that means that Sununu has a good chance of weathering the storm even if he doesn’t make an announcement regarding the president. However, in 2016, when Trump made an assertion that he believed he won the state based on his anti-opioid stance during the campaign, making remarks to the effect that it was a “drug-infested den” that needed serious help, Sununu was not happy.

“It’s disappointing his mischaracterization of this epidemic ignores the great things this state has to offer. We are already seeing positive signs of our efforts as overdoses and deaths are declining in key parts of the state. In spite of this crisis, New Hampshire remains the best place to live, work and raise a family.”

As predicted, Larry Hogan has indeed taken the cowardly route and come out against President Trump. In October, Hogan said, “I think we do need an inquiry because we have to get to the bottom of it. I’m not ready to say I support impeachment and the removal of the president, but I do think we should have an impeachment inquiry.” And of course, the media that reported it made sure to let you know in full disclosure that Hogan was “joining a small but growing number of Republicans breaking from the party’s” support.

A small, but growing number. Four governors. In Blue States. Growing. Okay, never mind.

Well, truth be told, it’s not even four. Sorry, Democrats. It looks like Chris Sununu of New Hampshire has opted not to be part of this “growing number” of GOP governors in Blue States who detest Donald Trump and want him pulled from the Oval Office and frog-marched out to a waiting patrol car.

Sununu rightly decided that the electorate in his state wasn’t strong enough in the Liberal corner of the ring and chose to say that he did not support impeachment.

“Everyone’s trying to get at each other. There is no place for that here in New Hampshire. We do things differently, we get stuff done. We work across the aisle. Those types of Washington circus theatrics [should be left] it for Washington.”

Although it’s easy to agree with his assertion that circus theatrics should be left for Washington, it’s not so easy to endorse his hands-across-the-aisle template, considering that singing Kumbaya and lighting candles with the Democrats has gotten us nothing but demands for more, more, more! After all, look how well that turned out for John McCain, Mitt Romney, John Boehner, Paul Ryan and George H.W. Bush, RINOs all.

The point is that the reasons for Sununu not following in the footsteps of his other three GOP brothers-in-arms in Blue States have nothing to do with what they believe is right or wrong. When it comes down to it, Baker, Scott and Hogan are RINOs who are also Never-Trumpers and will be adored in their respective states and by their local media…so long as they continue to dump on Trump. Sununu has a different task and that is to appear to be sick of the inside-the-Beltway miasma and dysfunctional operations while also positioning himself as above-it-all. That’s a thin tightrope to walk, but he seems to be doing so with aplomb at the moment.

We’ll continue to keep an eye on this as the frenzy for complete usurpation of the government by the Left continues over the next full year and then into the remaining years of Trump’s second term.



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