Report: You Might Already Be Microchipped

Nanotechnology has advanced in such fantastic strides that even news from 6-8 months ago is most likely outdated.  It takes a great deal of perseverance to keep up with this rapidly changing field.

Leak Project is a YouTube hosted forum where the gentleman that runs the site delves into all manner of conspiracy news and at times, goes into such detail as to warrant hour-long “sermons” about the dangers of…pick a subject.  The one that has caught our eye is one that is not only near and dear to the hearts of theorists, but of Christians as well.  And that is the insertion of micro technology into the bodies of human beings.

While a very controversial subject, a purposed, pointed, persistent and persuasive pumping of information about “chipping” has produced a virtual army of zombified automatons who view the practice as logical and “no big deal.”  The practice is said by the advocates of “chipping” to be something they've toyed with, meaning they are not doing it right now in large numbers, but are merely gauging the response and acceptability by the public at large…an exercise in its usefulness in society.

This mindset, according to Leak Project, is bogus.  It claims that not only is the practice in widespread usage throughout the country, it's probable that the practice is being used the over the entire planet!


“Microchipping” or “chipping” is the practice of installing very small nanotechnology on minute plastic boards that is specifically geared toward a particular “mission.”  Some chips operate to gather information, some are designed to enhance the host mainframe, chassis, or organism, and others are meant simply to transmit GPS coordinates.  Once the microchip is emplaced or embedded, it becomes an active conduit through which information can be passed or upon which information can be stored.

In larger cities, there are local government programs that are actively promoting the “chipping” of pets.  This means that a microchip can be inserted under the skin in the fat layers of the body so as not to affect muscle tone or flexibility.  These chips can literally be placed anywhere, but for conventional use, they are normally placed in subcutaneous regions just below the skin.  By GPS “chipping” your pets, you allow for the quick and easy tracing of a lost dog or cat.

Other uses of tracking include microchipping of children.  Of course, it's said to be for the safety and security of the children, especially in view of all the pedophiles and child molesters released from prison who are living (according to the registry maps) all clustered around the SCHOOLS!  That type of information drives a parent to want to run to the nearest lab to have their child “chipped.”

Other types of chipping are for the pure storage of information.  Right now, estimates of how many people are currently “chipped” in the US range wildly between about 10K to upwards of 12M.  Although this is still only a fraction of the total population of the United States, it is nevertheless disturbing that so many people have volunteered for this process.  Many of these people are doing so for the purposes of having rapid access to their medical information which would be embedded on these chips.  Others would be for the purposes of utilizing the chip as a one-stop-shopping type device which would act as a credit card when the implant is scanned.

Still others would be used to convey information that was collated through repeated use…behavior-encompassing information; where does the person habitually shop, what do they shop for, what is their preferred mode of transportation, what TV shows do they watch, what books do they read, who do they talk to regularly, etc.

So, what is the ultimate goal of these programs?  The companies that are pushing these types of implants say that they are just trying to make our lives more convenient.  One company, Three Square Market (32M) was so intent on “normalizing” the concept of “chipping” that they began the program of implanting their entire workforce of 53 people with the chip.  It was voluntary, but from the reports, every employee agreed to be “chipped.”  The cost of each chip is $300 which 32M said it would pick up the cost of the entire staff.

Some people, however, say that the chip inserted under the skin represents a far greater threat to our society than they are letting on and has to do more with control than anything else.


Leak Project's video explanation of “microchipping” begins with a look at an operation designed to not only track and surveil, but to control your very thoughts and behavior.  It's called the Trillion Sensor Vision and refers to a project that was exposed to the civilian world through an important military leak.  The project's goal was to administer 100B nanochips (chips nearly too small for the human eye to detect) to the general populace by 2017 and 1T by 2023!

Why 100B, you might ask, when there are a mere 300+M in the country?  The thinking is that because these must be administered without the knowledge of the general populace (and that's key), the practice won't be 100% accurate.  Since they will be introduced through a mass “sprinkling” from the skies or through introduction by consumption of foods saturated with these nanochips, there will need to be many more chips than there are subjects, to ensure that every one of the population is affected.

The Trillion Sensor Vision wishes to “infect” the entire population in order to control the behavior of whole areas of the country.  Through technology that couples radio-frequency identification (RFID) nanochips with radio and cellphone tower frequencies, the organizations/governments at the helm of this operation will literally be able to enhance or “modulate” the mood of an area of the general populace.

An example given is that of a conspiracy theorist in Tempe, Arizona who has been exposing state secrets about surveillance on the American people.  As he gets closer to the truth, the organization wishes that conspiracy theorist's personal threat level to be downgraded.  They, therefore, send a pulse to that area of Tempe and “enhance” his mood to put him in a better emotional state, thereby causing him to give up his crusade that day.  Furthermore, since they cannot affect specific individuals at this point in time, the “mood enhancement pulse” would be sent out to a general vicinity, thereby affecting a lot of people in that area.  Ever wonder why it seems that on some days, everyone you meet seems to be in a really bad mood?

As well, if that person resists and persists in chasing the truth, Leak Project suggests that perhaps that person will suddenly die of a heart attack or their car will swerve out of control off a cliff.

Additionally, the technology has advanced to the point where it may even be able to extract more complex information from the recipient that borders on Gattaca-style sci-fi.  If the nanochip (which in 2013 was the size of a pepper grain) simply lands on the skin of the recipient, it is conceivable that it could “read and extract” the person's DNA from a single bead of sweat or strand of hair!  Furthermore, the chips could be ingested through their food and drink.  They could theoretically make their way into the bloodstream and eventually into the brain itself.  From there, the concept of mind control is not far away from reality.  As Leak Project puts it, “If you doubt that sound and radio waves could possibly be used to disrupt your behavior, try putting grains of sand on a piece of paper and placing them in front of a speaker.  As the sand grains move in certain patterns, don't think they haven't mastered that technology.”


As referred to above, several ways were discussed that could ensure that people would be completely unaware that they are being “chipped.”  Due to the near-microscopic size of the chips, it would not be a stretch of the imagination that they could be either inhaled or ingested.

If multi-millions of these chips are released into the air via crop duster, people in the hundreds of thousands could conceivably be affected by them.  For a place like New York City, literally, millions could be affected.

With the food chain in the US, it would relatively easy to introduce these nanochips into the human body.  If placed in addiction-inducing foods and drink, like cakes, sugary drinks, chips, etc., the introduction could be relatively quick and painless.  According to Leak Project, the FDA doesn't even require nanochip foods to mention that it is saturated with those devices.  (I'm not sure about the veracity of this claim.  Will have to do a bit more digging.)

There is also the medical methodology of introducing these chips into the body.  New mysterious viruses and sicknesses have been appearing in the last couple of decades that ALWAYS REQUIRE VACCINATIONS.  In fact, the need is so great to get these vaccinations that people will wait in line for hours just to get their shots.  Is it any wonder that, every year, a story on the news talks about a “new strain of influenza” and that “supplies of flu shots are limited!”  If you've been paying attention, many celebrities and noted government officials who don't believe in vaccinations are held up as crazies or conspiracy theorists, or just plain don't care about the good health of their child.”  These are meant to discourage those who are blocking that method of chip introduction into the populace.

Finally, government mass mailings of notices, informing you of new legislation that has passed, or a new tax on telephone service, or a new use for plastic bags is merely propaganda masking a pamphlet or letter whose ink dusk on your fingers is actually a nanochip attached to your skin!


According to Leak Project, all of these things are not distant maybes…they are happening now and they have been for years!  As to what we can do about this, in reality, if it is happening the way that people believe it is and, by their own admission in leaked documents, is occurring in the numbers they admit to, the chances to combat this are already nearly impossible.

Our best weapon, as always, is knowledge.  We'll continue to inform you of any updates and changes.






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