REPORT: Senator John McCain Accused of Causing 1967 USS Forrestal Inferno

We have all heard the stories about Senator John McCain’s exemplary military service.  We have all been treated to the endless references to his wounds from the war that were inflicted through his agonizing years of torture at the hands of the North Vietnamese.

We are all, by now, through one term as a US Representative, five terms as a US Senator (and counting), and three presidential primary runs where he was expected in the early going in 1999 to be able to defeat Al Gore, familiar with his excellence in service to America.  Of course, in that race, he ultimately bowed to the superiority of the Bush family when George W. came on the scene to wrap up the primary race in a big way and ultimately embarrass the senator with a win of 47 states.

McCain tried again in 2004 to a worse jumping-off point, but rebounded in 2008, winning the primary, only to be completely consumed by the massive and corrupt political activist machine powered by the cult of personality that was Barack Obama.  You could almost call John McCain the slightly less feminine version of Hillary Clinton.

This is not to mention all the completely fawning press coverage that he has enjoyed over the decades since his return from captivity in 1973 (with the notable exception of his run against the hallowed personage of Obama…even the press is not going to cut their throats that deeply for a dirty Republican).

We now know that all of the lies that were told about his captivity were the first chapter in a mythology for the purposes of a long and lucrative political career.  We know about how he and John Kerry paired to bury information about POW/MIA personnel to hide their own shameful past in the “prisons” of Indochina.

Allegations have been made by many that the hellish inferno aboard the USS Forrestal in 1967 that caused 134 sailors and airmen to lose their lives…all due to a PRANK by then airmen John McCain!




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