REPORT: Senator John McCain Accused of Causing 1967 USS Forrestal Inferno

If you old enough to remember, you may recall a terrible accident that occurred during the Vietnam War in 1967 when a conflagration like no other had erupted on the flight deck of the USS Forrestal in the Pacific.  All told, the fire which burned on in different lower deck areas of the ship throughout the night, took the lives of 134 sailors and airmen.  Most were recovered.  Some of the sailors were never found.

When you speak about a tragedy of this sort, it's easy to get lost in the headlines.  But the word “fire” doesn't even begin to cover the utter and fantastic danger that these men faced in that horrible day and night.  Before we get into the aftermath, however, I want you to take a moment to remember that all of this damage to human life was reportedly caused by one man.

That one man would, four months later, be shot down over the jungles of North Vietnam and captured by the enemy, only to begin a 5+ years worth of anti-American activity on behalf of his captors, including at least 30 and up to a possible 38 propaganda films that emphatically stated that the US bombing jets were specifically and purposefully targeting North Vietnamese civilians!

Who was this man?

According to the accusations, he is our current sitting senator from Arizona, John McCain.  It's been suggested that this senior politician has been instrumental, along with his very good friend and comrade, John Kerry, in burying evidence that POW/MIA military personnel were left behind in the jungles of Indochina regions purposefully in order to avoid paying reparations to those enemy governments. And now, we are to accept that after John McCain and 590 other servicemen returned to the United States from captivity during the Nixon administration constituted the entire amount of POWs/MIAs that were in those enemy camps!

How was this information buried?  It was sublimated and sealed forever while McCain and John Kerry sat on the committee for POWs/MIAs:  Two very deceitful wolves, put in charge of the sheep herd!

Additionally, the information regarding the horrific Forrestal inferno is said to have been buried with the help of John McCain's very influential father and grandfather, both ranking 4-star Admirals in the US Navy who, “with the snap of a finger or a lingering stare” made the evidence of McCain's personal responsibility for the $72M worth of damage to the Forrestal (not including the aircraft and the equipment whose totals were in excess of $130M) and the loss of 134 souls, disappear without a trace!

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