Report: Obama Kept Supreme Court Under Surveillance

Fox News Channel's Judge Andrew Napolitano was speaking about the latest NSA “unmasking” story involving the metadata collected by the intel agency in an effort to create the world's largest database of phone conversations.  The NSA has been collecting this data since 2005, using both 9/11 and passage of the Patriot Act as an excuse to violate Constitutional rights of all Americans.

The discussion revolved around how the U.S. Government's intelligence community (particularly the NSA) had been not only collecting the data of millions of Americans' phone calls, but were now apparently unmasking that metadata to reveal its contents.  The law is clear.  American intelligence institutions are not legally able to collect the data (number one), a fact that came to light after Eric Snowden had leaked such information about the NSA, and are not able to “unmask” the information (number two).  Unmasking is the act of the intel organization lifting the data from its stored source and extracting the information's contents in order to read or hear the actual conversations that took place.  In this way, the NSA was directed by the Obama administration to spy on not only members of Congress (Senator Rand Paul being one of them during his pre-campaign bid), but also on members of the Trump administration before he was president.

The Flynn affair from last month is just one of the casualties of this illegal activity, where conversations he had with the Russian ambassador were accessed (unmasked) and provided (leaked) to the liberal press, which of course obediently ran with the story in order to smear Donald Trump's administration and policies.

In a very tense back and forth a couple of weeks ago, Senator Charles Grassley grilled both the former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates and the former Director of National Security, James Clapper, on the unmasking of several high-ranking government officials.  In both cases, the latter two answered that they were not able to answer the question “in this forum” regarding Confidential information.  This story is a hot-button issue that will not be going away anytime soon.

During his conversation, Judge Napolitano alluded to a conversation he had had with Justice Scalia prior to his death.  The judge insisted that Justice Scalia shared with him that he was sure that the Supreme Court was being surveilled.  Could the NSA, despite the story being front page news following Snowden's exit from the United States, have been bugging the offices and chambers of Supreme Court Justices?

If history of the DNC, the FBI, the DOJ and the NSA is any indication, the answer is an undeniable “yes.”

The question now is:  Has Judge Napolitano updated his Life Insurance lately?


Source:  mySA / Breitbart



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