Report: NASA Covering Up Major Carbon Monoxide Explosion on West Coast

NASA's explanation for the extreme levels of CO2 and SO2 concentrated above California claims that due to faulty instrumentation the levels were actually the cause of a series of fires that had broken out.

While satellite images from other countries show the same levels that can be seen over California emanating in other parts of the world, including California's, how is it possible that California is the only place this data happens to be a mistake? Makes no sense, because in reality there have been no fires, and this is all a huge lie.

Climate System Scientist, Paul Beckwith is baffled himself over NASA keeping this information that is so crucial to the public, suppressed.

In my opinion NASA’s explanation below makes no sense whatsoever. I am actually amazed that this was claimed, since to me it is not consistent with the images. Obviously, I will generate more videos to support my views. For starters:

1) They only mention CO, and say nothing about CO2 and SO2.
2) The emissions are spatially located over the fault-lines; how could fires aggregate in these regions?
3) There was an Earthquake in New Zealand around Feb 29th that showed CO release.
4) They are trying to say the error was just over California. Really? Was the data wrong over the whole globe?
5) I discussed the idea of “instrumentation error” in my second video yesterday. In my opinion, the explanation from NASA does not address any of the points in my video, which I stand by 100%.

If NASA had said that there was a gamed simulation that got into the data set that would have seemed more realistic to me–still implausible, in my opinion, but harder to prove wrong. Facebook friends and others, please help me out by doing the following:

A) Go to the USGS site and pick an Earthquake that occurred within the last few months, say over 5 and anywhere in the world.
B) Go to Earth NullSchool and look at the CO, CO2 and SO2 data for a few weeks before and after the quake.
C) Share your findings, positive or negative below this post and throughout social media.
D) Do it quickly, in case the Earth NullSchool site is potentially compromised.

Why would NASA want to hide such delicate information from the public's eye? If there was potential for the ‘big one' to hit California soon, wouldn't they advise us like anyone with common sense would?

Watch the videos below, and think about keeping safe, because NASA surely doesn't care.





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