Report: Islamic Preacher Who Radicalized London Bridge Attacker Lives in Michigan

This past Saturday’s horrific attack on pedestrians on London Bridge has a link to the United States, according to a friend of one of the attackers.

The friend said the attacker was inspired by Michigan-based Islamic preacher Ahmad Musa Jabril, whose fiery sermons on YouTube have helped radicalize countless Islamic terrorists.

Concerned with the attacker’s obsession with Jabril’s online rants, the friend contacted British police on the anti-terror hotline. Once again, it appears British authorities only monitored anti-terror activity instead of trying to prevent atrocities.

Although prohibited from posting new material on social media because of a parole violation following his previous conviction in America for fraud, Jabril still enjoys notoriety because of his earlier content on his personal website, Facebook and YouTube.

Find out just how well-known Jabril is to anti-terror authorities and how his poisonous messages are still inspiring terrorism.

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