REPORT: How the Clinton Foundation Smuggled Uranium into Iran

Timelines are a killer for Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, Eric Holder, Robert Mueller, Bill Comey, Rod Rosenstein, John Podesta, Loretta Lynch, and even Bill De Blasio!  Why?

Because the timelines involved in one of the most blatantly dishonest sales of our American security show how uranium that exited the United States through a backdoor loophole in our laws, was “spirited away” across three continents to end up in the most unlikely of places:  IRAN.

How could this have happened, especially when all the “powers that be” KNEW OF THE DIRTY DEALINGS OF THE COMPANY THAT PURCHASED THE URANIUM?

Valerie Jarrett, Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Rodham-Clinton

This story doesn't stop at the Iranians and the scratch-my-back payments to the Clinton Foundation, but goes one step further to illustrate how the Russians have been itching to build an excessive amount of nuclear reactors for the Iranians and are using American uranium as the catalyst!

From a fake announcement of a uranium mine in Iran just discovered, perhaps, to the signing of contracts between Vladimir Putin and Hassan Rouhani, this entire venture was encouraged and allowed by our corrupt government officials and a severely compromised intelligence community and rewarded by the Iranians and the Russians!

Turn to the next page to read this explosive new angle on the Uranium One deal and how both Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama colluded with the Russians and the Iranians to make this happen!  The timeline that is revealed on the next pages fully demonstrates the incestuous relationships between all the parties involved!

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