REPORT: How the Clinton Foundation Smuggled Uranium into Iran

There is now undeniable truth to the claim that Hillary Clinton was instrumental in selling off one-fifth (20%) of America's uranium supply to the Russians.  Author, Peter Schweizer, originally published “Clinton Cash” which detailed the sale and how it was facilitated through the Committee for Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), a group of individuals who would basically “sign off” on the deal.  On this committee?  Both Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder, both of whom had knowledge of the Russian bribery and obstruction of justice inside Rosatom.

Rosatom was the Russian company, based in Canada, whose whistleblower had gone to the authorities in Holder's DOJ to reveal their crimes.  In the interim, the whistleblower was informed by FBI agents that the president was being given this information in his daily briefings.  In all likelihood, the deal would be squashed.  Or so he was told.

The FBI director at this time was none other than the current-Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller III, a man bent on the destruction of President Trump through charges of collusion.  Let's not forget that this investigation into Trump was completely predicated on the veracity of the fictional Trump Dossier that has now been found to have been funded by both the DNC and Hillary Clinton's campaign!

Hillary Rodham-Clinton and good friend, Vladimir Putin

Once the deal went through, the uranium was spirited away and even the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has admitted that it could not and did not trace where the uranium ended up once it left the United States borders!

Now, Russian authorities have announced that they will be building a series of nuclear power plants for the Iranians!  Is there a connection to the Uranium One deal?  And if so, is American uranium being used to weaponize a radical Iranian government?  Turn the page for this stunning new information:

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