Report: Hillary’s Close Associates Cooked Up ‘Russian Spy’ Story within 24 Hours of Her Defeat

Both Bill and Hillary Clinton leave behind a legacy of corruption. However, while Bill became president, Hillary's overriding goal of doing likewise was not to be achieved. It's one of the biggest surprises in political history. It's not that she deserved to be president, it's just that it was thought that she was unstoppable. Then came Donald Trump who proved that theory wrong.

In response to her defeat, Hillary has put the blame on anyone but her herself. She was entitled to the office of president, so the fact that she did not attain it had to be due to the work of others.

The new Clinton campaign tell-all, Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign, reveals how Hillary Clinton personally placed blame for her bruising defeat on Russian meddling “within twenty-four hours of her concession speech.”

The blistering behind-the-scenes book, by Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes, illustrates how Hillary Clinton furiously blamed her defeat on the FBI investigation into her private emails, Russian interference, and Trump’s supposed support from “white nationalists.”

Like we said, since Hillary could not have been responsible for her defeat, some other factors had to be in play. Factors that were either unethical or illegal. Factors that she invented to put the blame elsewhere.

Here's a quote from the book that exposes Hillary's response to her loss and her plans to put the blame on multiple actors in the affair.

On a phone call with a longtime friend a couple of days after the election, Hillary was much less accepting of her defeat. She put a fine point on the factors she believed cost her the presidency: the FBI (Comey), the KGB (the old name for Russia’s intelligence service), and the KKK (the support Trump got from white nationalists).

“I’m angry,” Hillary told her friend. And exhausted. After two brutal campaigns against Sanders and Trump, Hillary now had to explain the failure to friends in a seemingly endless round of phone calls. That was taking a toll on her already weary and grief-stricken soul. But mostly, she was mad— mad that she’d lost and that the country would have to endure a Trump presidency.

A Trump presidency is so preferable to enduring a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Two close associates of Mrs. Clinton, John Podesta and Robbie Mook, were instrumental in getting the Russia story rolling. Again, from the book:

That strategy had been set within twenty-four hours of her concession speech. Mook and Podesta assembled her communications team at the Brooklyn headquarters to engineer the case that the election wasn’t entirely on the up-and-up. For a couple of hours, with Shake Shack containers littering the room, they went over the script they would pitch to the press and the public. Already, Russian hacking was the centerpiece of the argument.

The book goes on to describe how unhappy Hillary was with Mr. Obama, and how she believes that he did not do enough to help her cause.

So, there you have it. Hillary will claim that she lost for all those reasons discussed and many more.

She will never admit the truth — that she was a lousy candidate who is utterly unlikable with no real message that resonated with the voters.

But then truth has always been an enemy of the Clintons.

Source: Breitbart



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