Report: Fox News Breaks With Trump Over Paul Ryan’s Proclamation

Perhaps it’s only a matter of time before Fox News Channel, the red-headed stepchild of the DNC-run Fake News Media empire, finally succumbs to the pressures being placed on them by the other networks.  As their rivals garnered Nobel awards for excellence in journalism while Fox wallowed in the adulation of the Trump deplorables, Vanity Fair is now claiming intimate knowledge of a conversation in the board room of Fox News Channel that points to Paul Ryan throwing Trump under the proverbial bus!

Few remember, even today, that it was the amazingly biased and hateful things said about George W. Bush’s presidency (and anyone remotely attached to him) that drove the ratings of the fledgling Fox News Channels through the roof.  If not for Bush-bashing on a minute-by-minute basis back then, the DNC-run Fake News Media would not have had ratings or a story on which to report at all.  Yet, Fox News Channel stayed on top with its rigid and strict code of “Fair and Balanced” news.  Of course, that didn’t mean that they weren’t derided, belittled and called Bush’s personal heralds to the masses.  In effect, the Clinton-comrades in the media were calling Fox News Channel Right-wing propaganda because they were not doing hit pieces on Bush’s administration hourly.

This, over time, one would assume, would eventually take its toll.  With the news division now under the flagship of Disney, it only makes sense that the Murdoch family, shorn of their founding father, would be drifting back toward the bow of the mothership in order to rejoin the predictable world of Fake News journalism, where every story is manufactured through Democrat-weighted polls, nasty tweets and sensationalist consensus science drama predicting the end of the world in X amount of years.

When Fox News hired Obamacare architect Ezekiel Emanuel as its medical consultant and contributor and then former-Speaker of the House (and infamous Never-Trumper Establishmentariat member) Paul Ryan, everyone who was a conservative knew that the end of an era with Fox News Channel had probably arrived.  As if to spit directly into the faces of Trump supporters, Fox News Channel opted to go one step farther over the line when they then hired Donna Brazile, famous for having emailed CNN moderator debate questions to Hillary Clinton in advance of the events.


Former House Speaker Paul Ryan, who currently sits on the board of Fox Corp., is reportedly urging Fox News to “decisively break” with President Donald Trump, according to a Thursday Vanity Fair report documenting the network’s “management bedlam.”

Vanity Fair’s Gabe Sherman, citing four sources, reported that Fox Corp. CEO Lachlan Murdoch, who has long tried to move Fox News to the center, “is already thinking about how to position the network for a post-Trump future.”

Ryan, the longtime Trump antagonist, has reportedly been suggesting to Murdoch that “Fox should decisively break with the president” as Murdoch holds “strategy conversations with Fox executives and anchors about how Fox News should prepare for life after Trump.”

Vanity Fair cited “an executive who’s spoken with Ryan” who simply said: “Paul is embarrassed about Trump and now he has the power to do something about it.”

Trump has repeatedly attacked Fox News of late, accusing the network of showcasing Democrats—and potential presidential opponents—in town halls. On Thursday, three Fox News anchors—Chris Wallace, Bret Baier, and Martha MacCallum—reportedly discussed being the “targets of the president’s tweets,” with Wallace telling the crowd at Advertising Week in New York: “It’s a very surreal thing. I think we all kind of embrace it as: We’ve got his attention, so we must be doing something right.”

After the 2012 election, Fox News started drifting away from the right, as Rush Limbaugh noted on numerous occasions. As Breitbart News reported, Limbaugh even said that it was “quite telling” that Fox News did not want him to discuss his opposition to the Gang of Eight’s amnesty bill and added that “Fox News is not considered the conservative network that it used to be” to many in the heartland.

During the 2016 GOP primary season, Fox News used Megyn Kelly to undermine Trump’s candidacy before being more supportive of Trump when he ultimately became the party’s nominee against Hillary Clinton.

This has been predicted of Fox News Channel for more than a few years and it appears (if the Vanity Fair article is to be taken at face value) that the shame that these Fox News executives and anchors have experienced being associated with the base and offensive Donald Trump and his supporters has finally reached its tipping point…with the help of Paul Ryan.

Ryan, if you recall, won the Speakership purely by a very one-sided vote by the Establishmentariat after whining John Boehner was soundly thrashed by Tea Party conservatives who were consistently upended and shut down by Boehner’s authoritarian practices, while at the same time golfing and cavorting with President Barack Hussein Obama.  Ryan was young and inexperienced, as well as not very good when it came to debating.  If you remember, his battle with Joe Biden on the debate stage for Vice President (having run alongside the dashing pick of the McCain Republicans, Mitt Romney) was viewed as adequate and “filled with numbers,” because…you know…he was a “numbers guy.”

At any rate, look for a few things to occur in the coming months, should this report turn out to be true.  Keep an eye out for the dismissal of many of the evening hosts who are stoking the fires of “investigating the investigators,” like Janine Pirro, Tucker Carlson, Jesse Watters, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham, as well as comical spot-on commentators like Greg Gutfeld.  Also look for the dissolution or disassociation with the Fox Nation affiliation and for an end to the association with people like Tomi Lahren and Kat Timpf (although Timpf is by far the more talented and authentic of the two).  And finally, look for a possible falling from grace of people who view Trump as the oppressed and assaulted, while at the same time, a possible elevation of people like Juan Williams.

The Fox News Channel’s ship may have sailed, most likely headed for the Left Coast, full steam ahead.

Source:  Breitbart

Image: Gage Skidmore


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