Rep. Keith Ellison: Kim Jong-Un is “More Responsible” Than Trump

US Representative Keith Ellison (JA-MN) cannot be said to be the easiest person to get along with, what with his outright disappointment at having been born in this lousy country that we're so proud of.

Ellison, the very first Muslim ever elected to Congress, was asked eight years ago if he would be willing to put himself and his family on the Unaffordable Care Act before it was forced through Congress by Pelosi and Reid.  He outright refused to answer the question of one of his constituents.

The Minnesota Representative has also refused to denounce his ties to Nation of Islam figures who were anti-Semitic and uttered violent rhetoric toward the United States.

Ellison also was of a very small minority of Congress members who voted against an Israel defense system called the Iron Dome.  He also refused to retract his support or condemn the statements of Esam Omeish, a former candidate for Virginia State Delegate who told the Palestinian people, “The jihad way is the way to liberate your land!”

Even hardcore Leftist Alan Dershowitz could not support this man when there was a gargantuan push to make him the Democratic National Committee Chairman.  Dershowitz actually said that if Ellison was put into that position, the Party of the Jackass will have left him.

As he was speaking at the 2017 Netroots Nation Annual Conference in Atlanta, a question came up about North Korea.

As you can hear from his remarks, he never once referred to President Donald Trump by name, preferring to call him “This guy!”  Saying that an insane petty dictator of a depraved and deprived people, living in squalor and ignorance due to his vice grip on society (a nation that is nearly completely dark as viewed from outer space due to its abject poverty and lack of infrastructure) is a more stable and responsible man than your own president is not only insulting to more than half of the American people in the United States, but it is a racial slur that will not be forgotten.

Oh, you're wondering why I said that calling him irresponsible and referring to him as “This guy!” is racist?

To tell you the truth, I've just about had it up to here with the lack of intellectual intercourse from the Left.  Anytime we hear anything from them in regard to it being somewhat disagreeable, they immediately claim that it's bigoted, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, misogynistic or Islamophobic!

In that case, I felt it was about time that we on the Right begin charging the Jackass Party with the same exact grievances.  Why are they the only ones that can scream, “Racist!”?



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