Red Cross Demands Removal of Christian Symbols in Deference to Islam

ICRC headquarters ©ICRC

Perhaps it is a sign of the desperation of the Left when it failed to produce a sympathetic wave within normal everyday citizenry across the globe in reaction to their “Islam is the Religion of Peace” campaign, but it appears that the people all over the world are rejecting that crusade outright and the Progressives are accelerating their war on Christianity because of this.

It's not enough that even the current Pope appears to apologize on the part of Christians for their “ill-treatment of Muslims” and the fact that he insists that we worship the same God.  Now, we must endure one of the world renowned charities that have contributed to humanity over the whole planet, the Red Cross, as they begin the delegitimization of Christianity and its profound influence in the founding of its organization.

The Red Cross has apparently issued demands of all its branches worldwide to begin rejecting Christian orthodoxy by removing crosses and crucifixes from his offices in deference to Muslims!

Volunteers have criticised the Red Cross charity after receiving a communication telling them to remove crucifixes from the walls of their branches as the organisation looks to become more secular.

The Belgian branches of the international aid organisation received an email from the Provincial Committee of the Red Cross in Liège to remove all crucifixes. André Rouffart, president of the Red Cross in Verviers, said: “We were asked to respect the principles of the Red Cross”, and not to distinguish between race or religious belief 7sur7 reports.

Mr. Rouffart said there had been pushback from volunteers and other members on the issue but downplayed the issue, saying: “I think it’s a storm in a teacup.”

Several volunteers spoke to Belgian broadcaster RTL and expressed hostility to the move, with one saying: “Let things remain as they are. We used to say ‘Christmas holidays’, now it’s ‘winter holidays’. The Christmas market in Brussels has become the ‘Winter Pleasures’.”

“For a certain part of the population — because of the Muslims — the crosses were removed in the Red Cross houses and, more particularly, in that of Verviers,” the volunteer added.

The order follows the proposed removal of a cross in France which was located above a statue of Saint John Paul II in Ploërmel, Brittany. The move sparked outrage among many and led to the Polish and Hungarian government offering to take the cross.

“Such measures must be regarded as attempts to do away with the continent’s civilisation and culture,” commented Hungarian foreign minister Péter Szijjártó.

While none of this is unexpected to the student of Christian theology, it is nonetheless upsetting, knowing that there are so many who are ignorant to the teachings of the Good Book and its prophetic alarms that are going off seemingly every single day in these times.

Moves like these are going to become more frequent and more insistent and we should expect even more pushback from the Progressives because their backs are up against the wall.  An animal is most dangerous when it is cornered, after all.

Instead of backing off and continuing with appeasement, we must continue to press the issues even more insistently in order to out all of the imposters, charlatans and false prophets.  That's the only way to combat these heretics.

Source:  Breitbart

Image: ICRC



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