Reactions to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals’ Decision Against President Trump’s Travel Ban

That anyone would argue that the president cannot close the borders of the country to travel from non-citizens, even for a brief time, seems absurd. Yet that is precisely the situation that currently exists. President Trump issued an order to prevent travel to the US from seven primarily Muslim countries. The courts promptly blocked his order.

A number of columnists have weighed in on the most recent event in this battle which saw the Ninth US Circuit Court of Appeals upload the lower court's decision preventing President Trump from implementing the ban.

Krauthammer [of Fox News] said, “I think this is a disgraceful conclusion, because what they did, is they substituted their judgment, as to what constitutes a threat to American security for the president’s. Now we were all interested in what they think, but that is irrelevant to the case. The case was, does the president have the authority to do it? And if he does, it’s his judgment to make. And that’s the plain reading of the law. It’s he plain understanding of the Constitution. I think the policy was unwise, but that’s irrelevant. I think it’s very clearly legal.”

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Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough criticized the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling on President Donald Trump’s executive order halting immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

Scarborough said that although he thought the executive order was bad policy, the appeals court’s ruling was “laughable” and he said it will be overturned.

“Our law professors always told us — bad facts made bad law,” he said. “Horrific facts coupled with horrific politics makes for horrific law. That’s exactly what happened here.”

“This decision, though, is laughable,” Scarborough conitnued. “This is, for me, the most disturbing part of the entire case. And by the way, at the end, this isn’t going to matter because I think the White House is going to fix it up, briefly fix it up. They could do a couple quick changes and take care of these problems.

Will the US Supreme Court overturn the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals' decision and reinstated the ban? That's far from certain, although Mr. Scarborough predicts that it will.

It's absurd that this order remains in limbo as the battle is fought in the US court system. Hopefully, the final decision will enable the president to execute his responsibility to defend this nation from threats.

Source: Breitbart

Source: Breitbart




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