Rapper Repsonds to Sarah Palin’s Lawsuit over ‘Gang Rape’ Tweet

It says a lot about Banks' comments that Palin, after all the verbal abuse and slander she has endured on the national stage, is seriously pursuing legal action. Of course, after reading just a snippet of the bizarre “apology” Banks offered to her, one can understand why she is taking her to court:

“A source in the Palin camp says the former governor is ‘in discussions with attorneys' about the exact nature of the suit and where and when it will be filed.

‘Why is it if anyone looks at some liberal women the wrong way they can yell ‘RAPE' and ruin peoples lives (the Duke Lacrosse team, anyone?), but when serious violence is threatened against someone not of their political ilk, no one bats an eye,” Palin says.

Palin's statement continues, ‘First, to get politics out of the way here, it's reported that I ‘really shouldn't mind' Azealia degrading, dangerous calls for a woman to be raped because she's supposedly ‘some kind of Donald Trump surrogate' or supporter, as am I. I'll speak for Mr. Trump on only one issue, and that's that he denounces Azealia's endorsement and her pro-rape, anti-woman stands. And if I'm wrong on that denunciation, then Mr. Trump isn't who I thought he was.

‘And second, let's be honest here: if a white girl were to say what this black girl is saying, the screams for the entire white population's head would be louder than the nonsensical rap that Azealia spews all the way to the bank. The white girl would probably be locked up.

‘Here's what I just sent to some important women in my life (they happen to be black, white, Indian, Eskimo; young and not-so-young) after reading Azealia's calls for rape by thugs: ‘Gals, I hope this evil chick rapper isn't on any of your playlists'. Be edified by their responses:

Omg, Sarah, can you imagine if someone told a black girl she needs to be f'ed by a gang of white guys?? That girl would be in jail/Don't even know who that chick is, but she's deranged.Mom, you need a bulldog attorney. You think mean girls are going to stop doing this to girls who don't deserve it if we always have to sit down and shut up and pretend this stuff is ok? You taught us better than that!! That girl is dangerous.

‘On your behalf, I think this time I don't just sit back and swallow it, but put the fear of God in her by holding her accountable. As many of you have for years implored me to do, I'm finally going to sue.'”

Palin has a point, but Banks, judging by her latest Twitter meltdown, seems to disagree, to put it lightly:

“On Monday, the 24-year-old rapper issued a series of since-deleted tweets that suggested Palin should be gang-raped and forced to perform oral sex on a group of black men, and that the incident should be filmed and uploaded to the website WorldStarHipHop.

‘Sarah Palin needs to have her hair shaved off to a buzz cut, get headf—ked by a big veiny, ashy, black d—k then be locked in a cupboard,' Banks wrote in a tweet that was later deleted but screen-shotted by Media Research Center.

‘Honestly… Let’s find the biggest burliest blackest n—es and let them run a train on her. Film it and put it on worldstar,' she wrote in another since-deleted message.

On Tuesday, Palin vowed to sue the rapper over the comments, telling People magazine that Banks ‘engages in a form of racism and hate that is celebrated by some in the perverted arm of pop culture, but is condemned by those who know it’s tearing our country apart.'

‘On your behalf, I think this time I don’t just sit back and swallow it, but put the fear of God in her by holding her accountable,' Palin said. ‘As many of you have for years implored me to do, I’m finally going to sue.'

But the threat of a lawsuit has seemingly not deterred Banks, who wrote Wednesday that white people are ‘running out of mental mind-f*ck tricks.'

Banks wrote (emphasis hers):

‘i’m 100% positive that the police killings, cultural appropriation, Trump and Palin etc. represent the contempt that whitey shares for this intangible , uncontrollable new black mind that’s been steeping for a while now. The mind born of very intelligent and real conversations/confrontations around American Racism. And the detachment of the Black mind from the mirage of a subpar existence and self-perceptions that crackers created for us long ago. They feel exposed and out of control for once. And our big black ideas and expression are threatening to further expose them, so they’ll try to trivialize and minimize our blackness by stereotyping us.'”

Sources: People Magazine, Breitbart, Truth And Action



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