Rapper Repsonds to Sarah Palin’s Lawsuit over ‘Gang Rape’ Tweet

Rapper Repsonds to Sarah Palin’s Lawsuit over ‘Gang Rape’ Tweet

After years of being mocked and threatened without any attempt at accountability on the part of the media, Sarah Palin has said “enough!” and is ready to fight back.

Earlier this week, Azealia Banks, a rapper known for her inflammatory statements, went on an extended rant against the former governor of Alaska after reading a satirical article in which Palin reportedly made positive statements about slavery.

Completely ignoring the humorous tone of the article (much less the fact that Palin never uttered such a reprehensible statement), Banks proceeded to call for the governor to be sexually assaulted by a gang of men.

Facing widespread criticism for her awful remarks, Banks penned a passive-aggressive “apology” for Palin and effectively absolved herself of blame. Palin, however, isn’t having it: instead, she is preparing to launch a lawsuit against Banks “on behalf of all reasonable women of every age, race, and political leaning.”

Banks’ better lawyer up, because I doubt the judge is going to accept “it was just a joke!” as a defense.

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