Rancher Family Declared Terrorist, Sentenced To Five Years

Rancher Family Declared Terrorist, Sentenced To Five Years

Entangled in a spat with the government over the practice of prescribed burning on their family ranch, the Hammond family has evidentially been labeled terrorists, and sentenced to five years in federal prison.

Prescribed burning is a preemptive move made to curtail the threat of forest fires. By thinning out the amount of vegetation on land in a controlled way, ranchers have been able to reduce the risk of serious, uncontrollable fires on their land.

While the Hammond Family has admitted to certain fires initially becoming larger than intended, all fires were privately put out, and no federal money was spent on the endeavors.

Regardless, they were still arrested.

The government’s actions here are not without precedent. Truth and Action has previously reported that the Bundy family, who own land adjacent to none other than Harry Reid, have been the subject to severe federal harassment. Other ranches have similarly complained of constant, federal oversight and harassment as well.

The Bundy family have had enough, and penned an open letter detailing the injustice of the Hammond family that you can read on the next page:

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