Radioactive Snow In St. Louis, MO

Radioactive Snow In St. Louis, MO

A citizen in St. Louis, MO has measured snow in his yard and found it to have high levels of radiation.

Simply put, a reading of 100 parts per minute poses an immediate health threat. His readings are showing at 81 parts per minute.

Radioactive particles from Fukushima get trapped in the atmosphere and when there is rain or snow you see elevated radiation readings as the particles are brought down to earth.

However, we know from Tepco’s website that there were large plumes of steam coming out of reactor 3 this past December. We also know that the government has ordered 14 million doses of potassium iodine, as on of our past posts has reported.

We’ve seen reports elevated levels of radioactivity in Southern California as well as St. Louis, MO.

The government and mainstream media is NOT going to report on this. It is up to citizens to inform each other of this health threat.

We recommend that you purchase nascent iodine to protect your thyroid and with rain or snow you stay indoors as best you can.

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