Putin’s Deception: Russia Commences Bombing Opposition To Assad, Not ISIS

Putin’s Deception: Russia Commences Bombing Opposition To Assad, Not ISIS

At approximately 3:00 am, on September 30 2015, one of Russia’s top military officials marched into the US Embassy at Baghdad to deliver a very important letter.  Inside he asked to speak to the highest ranking man on the premises.  The letter, which is called a demarche, was to inform the US that Russia would begin airstrikes over Syria in approximately two hours and for the US to leave Syria.

In response Obama, shocked, sent in his Defense Secretary and Secretary of State. Obama himself, did not speak to the American people.   He called on his Defense Secretary, Ash Carter, who appeared in an impromptu press conference.  Ash Carter appeared like a deer in the headlights as he talked about women in the military, about military budgets, and oh yes, Russia is bombing in Syria.  Watching him in totality it seemed the man was slightly confused.  Later, reports start coming in that in the northern part of Syria, bombs were landing on everything but ISIS.  Russia was hitting groups of militia armed by the US, as of this writing it has been confirmed civilian casualties have been sustained.

This action by Putin and Russia flies in the face of his coming to the rescue to lead the battle to defeat ISIS.  Putin is doing what he said he would do, he was there to keep Assad in power.  As far as Russia making ISIS go away for good, that is not his priority.  Humiliating the US?  Yes.  Making Obama look weak and a man not in reality?   Yes.

Just what are Putin’s goals for the Middle East?

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